Friday, July 30, 2010

If you were wondering...

I haven't been around lately. I've been dealing with a bit of depression or something like it. Life kinda took a nose dive and I've been trying to set it straight. I've been avoiding the internet and all things online for a while now, even stopped looking at my email box. Bad huh? Anyways. I'll work through it and be back in action before you know it. Until then hope life is treating ya'll to something special.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

back on track...


last night was my normal "date night". Up until last week I hadn't really shared date night with you but since I was getting in a slump with the garden and farm stuff I figured it was time to change the beat a little bit. Ya know. Give you something to laugh about (my love life). So last Saturday was the idea of letting you into the world I call dating. I know it isn't spose to be such a dramatic or even comical "thing" but in my life, so far, it has been quite the adventure. Even I have learned to have a sense of humor about the whole thing and kept at it, if not for love then for the laughs. 

Last week as you all have gathered was... um... unexpected to put it nicely. It kinda shook me too the core and made me question a lot. I know to some it may seem like so little but I've come to learn to appreciate even the tiniest of "things" and to me it held some pretty big significance. To say the least. Anyways it's left me in quite the slump. Wondering if I should seek professional help for how "low" it got me. Not that I could afford that. Ha ha. I won't go into it too deep but it sums up to a mortgage payment lost and the month is only half over. But the good news is... it can only get better. It will only get better!

So Saturday night I made last minute plans. After ditching the dude from last week cause I really didn't think I would step foot outta my house (outta the house means off the farm cause I can't avoid not leaving the house, with 4 dozen poultry to feed and a dozen livestock) until Monday (deliveries). I felt bad about canceling on him but I realized if I was going to get outta my slump I had to get outta the house. And after last weeks excitement I couldn't afford it. So I needed a date. Which I hate to admit it but that's not hard to find. (I am on Match by the way so a date is a click away)

Anyways. So I was in such a glum I knew I had to go out but didn't want to bother a good impression with my problems (last weeks date) so I found someone "safe" to buy me a beer. You know "safe"? The kind that you're pretty sure won't make you regret the evening. I've had far too many dates that ended in wishing I'd just gone out alone. 

It was kinda nice. I certainly don't regret it. Certainly glad I didn't sit at home and mope all night Saturday. I am glad I didn't bug last weeks first impression with it though. Saturday night was very empathetic and just seemed to get it. Ya know? Maybe just a genuine nice guy. Those are hard to come by. Anyways. We're going fishing Tuesday. Yea. The kids have vacation bible school so they'll be at my aunts most of the week so I'm going to enjoy my kidlessness (is that a word?) with fishing. Thought I'd take "safe" with me. 

I love good company. 

Anyways. I'm still kinda in a slump. I've been trying to talk myself out of it but I think like any cold or illness the stresses of last week just need to be given time. So I'll just take it one day at a time. I'll convince myself in the meantime I have to get outta bed and I have to do the farm chores and I have to feed the kids. Above and beyond that may suffer a bit till I climb outta this hole but eventually I'll be back to my normal self. 


Until next time.

Hope ya all had a great weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I should be sleeping...

I'm keeping the old guy company.
Someone actually said I shoulda just had him put down if I couldn't afford the bill.
That's insane.
I might as well crawl under a rock if I just give up at every step backwards.
Ya know?
Who does that?
I certainly felt like giving up yesterday.
All my hard work and efforts amount to notta because I don't have cash in the bank.
I'm wealthier than alot of rich people because of the choices I've made.
To stay home and be a mom to my kids.
To fight the good fight.
Ya know?
Sure I might not be able to buy everything I want.
But I remember even my inlaws when I was married, they were really well off, made lots of money and could buy anything they wanted. Turns out they were sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of debt.
I can say I don't have that kind of debt.
I don't have the luxury to go out and buy anything I want either.
Is it worth it?
To be able to buy whatever you want even though you're debt is almost a years salary?
As my youngest gets over her medical problems I'll start building up that emergency fund again.
This won't always be an issue.
I truly believe in my heart it shouldn't have been an issue.
To be kicked while you're down?
My family is back together again. 
Soon we'll be healthy and running around like we use to.
We'll forget about the injustice that was dealt.
We'll start to believe that human beings are good and want nothing more than to help their fellow man.
Sorry, I got a little mellow dramatic there.
To those of you who have a dog, kiss em on the nose.
To those of you who don't have a dog, your dh or dw might like a kiss on the nose.
If you have none of the above, go find a dog who needs a home.
I need to go make a batch of yogurt for my dog. He's on a lot of antibiotics and I want to keep him healthy.
Yogurt is a good way to get em to take antibiotics (if you didn't know).

Boy am I exhausted.
Mental stress is a lot harder than physical stress.
I'm telling you.
It doesn't help that yesterday while I was waiting to get my dog back I spent hours in the garden weeding and pulling grass along the edges.
I work harder than I should when I'm stressed out.

I think I'm going to lay down on the sofa next to the dog and watch a marathon of Jaws until I can sleep.

Hope ya all had a nice day!

Ash is home...

Well my dear old doggy is home.
What an ordeal.
As you can see it's not over yet,
at least he's home though.
That carpet is going to need a good shampooin' when it's all over.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Perspective is a strange and intriguing creature. Yea, I know it's not a creature but it's a habit, creature of habit? Bear with me, or is it bare with me? So after posting here in my distraught state of mind. My head hurts, all I can see is my dog being put down because I can't come up with the bill in time. I know, you tend to think the worse when you're stressing out, right? I think it's human. Anyways. So perspective is something I learned a little bit about in philosophy. Yea way over my head. So after posting here about my dog eat dog day (not so punny) I posted seeking advice on a forum I read quite often. It's nice to get immediate feedback. I'm a logical person and realistic (when it doesn't come to my dog, ha). 

Although it doesn't relieve my stress about getting my doggy back I can understand the mistrust that the veterinarian would have for a customer taking her dog and walking out the door. No it doesn't put my mind at ease though. The only one who really gives a damn about the dog is sitting here dogless and stressed out. I'm hard working and mean well, as anyone who knows me knows but of course that doesn't help those who don't know me. Trust is a difficult thing sometimes. All I see is someone taking something from me that means so much more than they could possibly understand. To me it's cruel. It's mean. It's selfish. To them it's another day on the job. Who cares about feelings. They want money. Which is such a disgusting subject. I think I'm allergic to it cause it makes me ill everytime it comes up. Seems like hard work means nothing if you don't make sure to get a dollar for your efforts. You can't buy anything with hard work but you can for the dollar. I know hard work is what makes good people but I'm frustrated.

This week hasn't been nice to me. I'm drowning in it. I know next week will be better but it's hard to see right now. That's my perspective. 

I'm just rambling. My head hurts and I can't sleep. I'm trying to figure out what I can pawn off for the payment without making my girls go without. Why should I have to choose? I know, I'm just blowing off steam again. 

Hopefully my next post will be about my lousy dating or something a little more humorous. 

Hope ya all had a nice day,

i don't know what to do...

I went to pick up Ash today with a dread that I'd be giving the vet all of my money for the next month or two. Well it's worse than that. The vet won't let me bring my dog home without payment in full or some sort of collateral. This month I will learn how to live without the $350 I got from the renter plus the little bit I got from child support. It looks like this month I get to learn how to live with the horrible thought of my dog being locked up in a kennel until I can pay his bill. I didn't even think that was possible. They can't keep your kid at the doctors until you pay the bill. Sure it might hurt your credit if you don't get it paid but you get them back. How long will they keep him locked up? The bill is as much as the rent I'm lacking this month. How is it even right that they keep someones dog just because they're too poor to pay the bill all at once? It's just not right. They might as well tell all poor people that they can't have a dog because once it gets hurt they'll lose it. 10yrs companionship with my dog and because I'm down on my luck this month more than most I can't have him back. 

That can't be legal can it? I mean I know it's just a dog but he's be in my life longer than my kid. 

I just feel like quitting. I work so hard to give my girls safety and comfort. I work harder than I have to just to stay home and be their mom. But when it comes down to something like this, it just makes me want to quit. Forget the back breaking work and the sleepless nights. Forget the stress of not knowing how the year is going to end and when I can buy my kids their next pair of shoes or keep them in jeans cause they keep growing out of em. One accident and it boils down to I don't have money so I can't have an ounce of sympathy from a veterinarian. I'll lose my dog, because I don't have the cash to hand over or the bank account to run into the whole or the credit card to max out. 

If you're poor you better not have pets cause no one gives a damn when they're hurt. They just care about the money. That's what I was basically told today. It's all about the money. It doesn't matter how hard you work or how much you care or anything... 

What's the point in trying if you can't even get something as small and meaningless as your dog back when he gets hurt just because you don't have money? He's not worth anything to anybody but me and my kids. What's the point of trying so hard when it boils down to meaning nothing if you don't have money in the bank? Or a credit card to max out or something of value to pawn off? Nobody cares that you try your hardest, they only care about money. They're going to leave a single mom missing her dog because she doesn't have the money to pay his bill right now. 

It's just not right. 

I feel so stupid for crying so much but it's my dog. I mean how can someone be so mean? 

i don't know what to do...

do you ever forget to breath?

Some of you might know what I mean. You get in a situation where you're whole body is on guard and after a little while you start feeling light headed and the blood starts rushing in your ears and you blood sugar drops and makes you shaky. You might not feel like your adrenaline is pumping and you might not feel all tide up in knots but you get to a point you have to sit down or you think you might pass out. Ever have that?

I went to the vet's clinic this morning to take Ash out for a walk so he could relieve himself. Yep doing the vet tech's job but I was anxious all night wondering how he'd come out and was there first thing this morning (as soon as my aunt could get her to watch the 2yr old) helping Ash's case. I sat on the floor with his head in my lap as they gave him the first shot of anesthesia to put him out. I'm sure he was happy that I was there, I can only imagine the anxiety he was feeling. After about 10 minutes I helped carry him to the surgery table. Then stood and watched as they prepped him. I don't know how long I'd stood there watching them shave and prep his wounds and snake a prob from one end of the wound to the other. No I don't get queasy, blood is a pretty normal part of farming or life in general if you have pets and/or kids and/or livestock. I have all the above so I'm way past queasy from the site of blood.

Eventually I had to take a step outside the clinic for some air. I feel kinda silly but I've been told my doctors before I tend to hold my breath when I'm anxious. I've had a lot of bad news from doctors throughout my life so just sitting in a doctors office can get me not breathing right. It strikes me as humorous when a nurse reminds me to breath. I guess that's pretty normal though (maybe not, I don't know). Probably why I always feel so exhausted after dealing with bad news. Probably why I avoid people in general because they make me anxious. I know, I'm weird.

Now it's time to just hurry up and wait till I can go pick the dog up from the vet. He'll get to live in the house again until he heals up. He use to be a house dog up till about a year ago. He does fine either way, he's a great protector and knows he's spose to stay home. Poor guy will probably have to live with a cone or neck brace so he cant bend around and pull out the drain tubes. 

Now that I know he's going to be fine I'm finally letting myself think of how much the whole ordeal is going to cost. I didn't let myself think about it yesterday because it's the farthest thing from your mind when there's an emergency. Reality is that's going to be a huge issue now though. I really need something distracting and just deal with it when it's time. Know the feeling? What a mess. Things really went two steps backwards the last couple of weeks. On the bright side things should start looking up. Three steps forward two steps back. Sounds like a country dance huh? Add a couple of spins and twists in there and that's my life. 

Thanks for the ear.. I think I'm gonna go weed the garden.. that got interrupted by yesterdays catastrophic events. Boy, I'm tired. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

farm accidents...

Accidents is something that no one likes to have happen and they seem to be so much worse when it happens on a farm. Ever noticed that? My dear old doggy friend Ash (the love of my life, favorite male figure, longest relationship, most loyal companion, mommies best nanny, city slicker turned country dog) thought he'd add a few more grey hairs to my head and years onto my heart. Since I sheared off his winter coat he think he's a mouse and tries crawling through openings in the fence that he has no since going through. Crawling through one of those spots tonight to catch up to me after milking the goats he ran a heavy piece of wire in his waist and out the back of his hip. Speared him through about 10". Luckily it didn't hit any bone or internal organs but he has to stay overnight at the vet and have surgery in the morning to flush the wound out and put a drain tube in. 

Filling out the paper work at the vet's office I had to remind myself how old he was. That's not hard to do because I got him about 5 weeks before I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. Everyone says that's why I finally got pregnant, because I stopped trying. I did too. We'd tried for almost a year and a half to get pregnant and had no luck. It was rather depressing. So I gave up, found and adorable puppy from the pound and took him home for once having someone else to spend all my attention on (my ex was working at that time). We brought Ash home in late April of 2001. We'd driven about 3hrs to a foster home where he was being kept. It was very memorable. We used the excuse of my ex's bday for why we went and got a puppy, no one would have understand a wife losing hope of getting pregnant wanting a puppy. Father's day 5 or 6 weeks later I announced to my ex and family that I was pregnant. (The funniest part about that is my brother gave his gf a puppy about 7 months later and she got pregnant too. So now the family thinks puppies cause pregnancies.)

I remember we took Ash to puppy training classes and every time a puppy had a potty accident I'd have to run to the bathroom cause of the nausea I was feeling from being pregnant. It was rather embarrassing because normally I don't have a weak stomach at all but while pregnant anything sets me off. It's kinda funny thinking about it now. 

I don't mean to bore ya with my ramblings about my dog but he's staying the night at the vet's office and I'm worried about him. 

Anyways. He was a real natural when it came to my oldest. When I had her he became her shadow. He's been that way ever since. (When we got divorced I traded the kid and dog for the car, rifle and no child support. Yup. Sad huh? But I got the two most important things out of the deal. Unfortunately for him child support is one of those things judges will make ya pay no matter what you got outta the deal. =D Not that I get much, only when he's on unemployment and they can garnish his wages. Anyways.)  So when my baby was out in the front lawn playing Ash was laying close by making sure no one came too close. When we moved here on this little farm Ash was Michelle's shadow. He protected her from cranky roosters and made sure the alpacas didn't go to close. (not that the alpacas were a threat)

He became a natural on the farm too. If the animals fight he breaks them up. Did I ever tell you half my chicken eggs are not fertilized because Ash breaks up ALL the fights. He's a real pain when it comes time to breed the alpacas. He just doesn't understand that aspect. He barks at every guy who's come to my door, date or salesman. There was one date that Ash really didn't like, he went around to every window and just kept barking. Finally the guy got uncomfortable and asked if I'd hold the dog so he could leave. I'll probably never know why but I trust my dog's judgment enough to let that one go. 

He's a natural at just being whatever you want to call it, a friend. After working long hours outside I can lay down in a field and he'll come lay down so I can use him as a pillow. 

I should stop. It's past dinner time. My brain isn't at home right now. I'm probably worrying for nothing. Maybe I'm even being silly for worrying at all. He's been the only real staple in my life for the past 9yrs. What a thought huh?

I better go put something together for dinner.

Hope ya all had a nice day.

nap time...

Elizabeth has been one of my favorite targets when it comes to nap time pics. 
She makes nap time look like so much fun.

I've stolen many shots of her napping.
These are just some of my favorites.
And the only ones in reach without waking her up.
Some days I encourage lots of naps.
Some days it's the only time I sit down.
I remember when her nap times where the only time I had to get up and do chores.
You learn to work fast when you only have an infants nap time to get things done.
Funny how times change.

I'm going to enjoy my downtime and put my feet up for a few minutes.

Today's goal is to rid the garden of all it's weeds, 
transplant some plants,
sow some seeds,
well I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting

Have a great day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I need thicker skin...

Remember the complainer? Well she got to me again. Rude people just.. well.. something... awful.. (God bless them so they'll be not so rude). I was pretty happy with today's deliveries. Sure it's kinda hectic juggling the 2yr old on arm (in the garden she can not be trusted, she takes a bite out of everything, even if she doesn't pick it first) and picking veggies with the other. I picked a boat load of peas today. Boy is that a tedious task or what. Picking peas for one family isn't so bad but yea... it's not a task I look forward to next week. But I munched on enough of em that I felt like I'd have brunch. They're good. It's not as hot here today as it's been which is nice. About 75 this afternoon when we drove back from our deliveries. My 8yr old did all the running again. She loves it (I give her a quarter for every house) but she's learning ya don't leave the basket directly in front of the door. Oops. Anyways long story short the baskets looked great and once again I was really satisfied with the weeks delivery. Then I get home and have a rude email waiting for me. I won't go into detail but it really gets to me. Rudeness. I don't get paid good enough to deal with grumpy people. It's not like I'm walmart or something. I really hate it that people think they can treat you like you're dirt just because... well I don't know why. Because they're the customer? Because they gave you money to do something? I tell ya what I didn't sign up for that. 

Yea, I'm just venting. I think what bugs me the most is that it bugs me. I shouldn't care but I do. Luckily even if the persons attitude does change I can say no next year. If I wasn't so short this month from the renter moving out and the donor not working (no child support) I'd just give her a refund and tell her to... I'd tell her to... er.. um..

...spend it elsewhere!

Yea sad huh?

Ah well. Once I start sleeping again it probably won't bug me so much. Maybe. I hope.

I can't wait till next year! Really, no sarcasm. It's easier to do the work when you have a better of how much work you have to do. Ya know? Right now I wish I could crawl under my blanket with a six pack of porter and hibernate till winter. :)

Hope ya all had a wonderful Monday! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

date night

In other words... kidless
Micro brew and a game of pool.
No, I'm not very good at it. 
But it's fun.
Sometimes date night includes someone to play pool with while enjoying a micro brew.
It was fun.
I told him I was going to blog about it.
Talk about killing a chance for a second date huh?
Nah. I think I'm going to take him bear hunting.
I need bait.
Shhh... don't tell.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

i fell in love!

With my little fairy tale of a world here on our little farm!
Forgive the blurry edges, little kids and sticky fingers were on the other end of the camera. :)
Who could ask for a better farm hand than this one right here?
Isn't she a doll?
Tell me he doesn't look like a camel.
This is Lil' 'Paca Rodeo.
My favorite alpaca stud. He's the one I sheared last Saturday. 
Here's my woolly girls. Looks like my 2yr old does all the work huh?
She loves helping out.
There's the favorite guy.
Ash got a hair cut a couple weeks ago too. I think I told ya about it in another post.
He's a whole nother dog with his coat off.
Missing eggs turn into chicks. Who'd thunk it?
There's the farm hand working some more. 
The geese are getting big. They're such a neat creature 
(I'm glad I don't have to do the butchering. I don't think it'd get done)
Unfortunately for those geese they taste really good. If they knew I bet they'd go on a fast food diet!
Remember Buttercup? My first bottle baby alpine. She's getting big.
She's a trouble maker, she likes to get out of the barn stall and make a mess of the barn.
But we love her, she'll give us lots of milk next year.
Elizabeth learned how to say "Bad Dog!" 
Which she's doing in that picture at the Buttercup.
She hasn't learned how to say "Bad Goat!"
He thinks he's hiding.
There is a pit fall to having a farm.
I think the tall grass is beautiful and lovely to lay in. So does the dog.
But when I let it get too tall I have no desire to cut it because...
You see why I can't mow the lawn after it gets so tall? 
I love the flowers!
This will be my future pond. During the winter it fills up pretty good but it doesn't last long.
When it's all done it'll be about 50x60 and about 4ft deep.
I'm going to stick trout in it and put a little dock at the end of it and find a little row boat so I can take cat naps while fishing, in between chores.
It's beautiful with the tall grass and full of flowers.

Can you say cheese?
The photographer.
She hasn't learned yet that when you take a pic of yourself you're spose to smile.
See I do work. Proof!
This came to visit us yesterday with a "make my mouth water" "tall drink of water"... hmm.. "schmokin' hot".. well you get the point.... yummy 
If I'm lucky I'll see what it's like to sit on the back of it.
Wish me luck!

Kinda nice when the kiddo needs a nap. Gives me an excuse to sit down. 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Photography, cooking and everything else cool and wonderfully done at home

Have you ever noticed that bloggers are some of the best photographers, cooks, homemakers, handcrafters, homesteaders, etc? It's cool because most of these people don't do any of these things for a living they just really truly enjoy the activities and they do it great (probably because they enjoy doing it so much). Today I gave my 8yr old a new thrill. I handed over the digital camera to her. She's in heaven and having a blast. It'll be fun to see what she sees. Hopefully she doesn't see my messy house the same way I do and the undone chores like I do. :) 

We have had quite the adventure today. Or atleast I have. Kids are good at not noticing little things and sometimes that's a good thing. Earlier this afternoon my oldest asked if she could spend some of her hard earned money on some rootbeer (I know it's on my to do list to make it and I'll be her hero when I finally do it.) Anyways when we got to the store I discovered my truck had attracted a swarm of honey bees. Now honey bees when they're swarming away from a nest are usually at their least aggressive because that usually means they're homeless. Having done my homework on honeybees already I took faith in what I'd read and unloaded the kids and went into the grocery store to do our shopping. Yea a little nerve wrecking but my 8yr old is one of those "better not to know" when it comes to bees and she didn't notice. When we got back to the truck it still has quite a number of honeybees flying around it but I went about the business of loading up the kids and groceries as if they weren't there. Not an easy feat I must say. A few followed us into the truck but with windows down we drove away and let them find their own way out. Before you curse and scream if they'd been anything but honeybees I'd have never even thought twice about it. But I've done my homework on honeybees and have a newbies respectful knowledge of it. But it just makes me want a couple hives of honeybees that much more. Weird huh? Walk through a swarm of honeybees and it makes me want my own. Maybe that's why I can't seem to keep a date. Hmm... I'll have to think about that one and weigh what's better, a hive full of honey or.. well I... er.. um yea.. nevermind. 

Oh the other cool thing. I discovered why I wasn't getting as many eggs as I was expecting from my hens. We have four new chicks and a real moody hen. :) Talk about a super cool discovery. Hens that do the job of incubating. Who'd thunk it? Even though I've had better luck at hatching chicks than she has so the score is 10 me 4 hen. We'll keep count and see if the score changes before the summer is over. 

We planted pumpkins and melons today too. We found the largest alpaca poo pile in the spare field and planted a dozen plants in the middle of it. Alpaca poo is one of those you can apply directly because it doesn't have to be composted. This wasn't a fresh poo pile though since it was in the spare field it hasn't been used in a few weeks which probably makes it even better. Now the trick is to keep the goat kids in their pen and away from the plants. They already found one of my pumpkin plants and made lunch out of it. Yea another mistake I probably make while dating, talking about poo. I mean it's such an interesting subject though. I know it's pretty sad when I don't think someone is a "pile of ...." well you know because at least a pile of .... is good for something. :) I am weird. I can see that now. 

I ate one too many leeks out of the garden, I'm burping a wonderful onion flavor but I have a little bit of heartburn too. Yup, definitely weird.  

I better go wash dairy dishes so I'm ready to milk in a couple of hours. Maybe that'll take my mind off of my weirdness. ha ha. Hardly.

Oh the point. The 8yr old has the camera, we'll see what she sees later on. 

Not enough sleep and too much sun. But I'm in a pretty good mood. Go figure.


Sometimes I wonder if the weirdness of my "lifestyle" is working against me in the Shrek search. I vaguely remember someone proclaiming quite surprised when they found out I wasn't a hippy. And a little disappointed when someone found out that even though I'm very much into "natural" I wasn't a pot smoker. Which makes me wonder if the whole "home grown" thing is giving me an image other than just a single mom growing veggies for a few families. This isn't the sort of thing that is typical for a single mom. I had one of my customers seem surprised to find out that I wasn't part of some ethnic group other than just plain ole white. I'm not racist by in my area I guess this sort of thing is more seen as what mexicans do or oriental people. We tend to have a lot of both that work in the large crop fields and cannery's. 

So maybe it's a case of mistaken identity or maybe mistaken stereo type would be a better way to say it. Either way I don't think it's helping me any. 

Maybe I should join a Saturday market and forget about dating. Saturday is the only time I have a sitter so I'd be kid free to do it. Well nah that wouldn't work because starting in Aug I'll be spending most my Saturdays in the woods hunting black bear and elk. I don't think I told you I pulled the controlled elk tag I wanted. It'll let me hunt from Aug 1st through March 31st next year. Plenty of time to practice. Fall bear season opens up Aug 1st also which is a bonus because it's pretty common around here to run into bear sign if there is elk sign around. Lucky for me. Now just to find someone to come with me to help pull whatever I kill outta the woods. That's been my hang up the last 3 or 4 years. I look for Shrek with a rifle and think he must be my type. But come to find out once he's in the woods he's not Shrek after all, he's just a city slicker with a gun. Not the kind of person you really want to be in the woods with. Oh wait, does that make me a city slicker in the woods with a gun or Fiona with a rifle? Hmm... I'm in the transitioning phase. Call me Fiona. :)

I got a little side tracked there. 

I have a new theory about dating sites. They're like a bad antibiotic. Sure they cure loneliness for a week or two, sometimes a couple of months but it always wears off and it comes back. Nice huh? It cost about the same amount as a cheap antibiotic too. And here I am with no health insurance to cover the cost. Boy. Seems I've got myself into a self medicated mess. I wonder what the proper treatment for loneliness would be if I was self medicating instead of getting a prescription. Alcohol? Well a bar would be the atmosphere to pick up a possible Shrek. And if I did it right it wouldn't cost me a dime. But I have a feeling that kind of self medicating would just leave me lonely again faster than using the antibiotic. Still following or have I lost ya? :)

I didn't sleep very good last night. I think I must have laid awake till after 3:30. I'm starting to think that maybe I should just skip going to bed every other night and enjoy the not sleeping instead of tossing and turning in bed. 

I'm going to put some more thought into my new theory. I'll let ya know what I come up with. 

Yesterday got up to 96 again. Today I think will be another cooker, it's already 79 and it's only 9:30. I got mail. I better get.

Have a great day!

*edited* email was just another joker who can't be bothered to email. Hey dude. Let's txt and see if we click. Blah. Not that I mind txt'n but seems like a little introduction should be in order first before moving to that stage of communication. Maybe I'm too old fashioned. Oh wait. I'm on a dating site. Nothing old fashioned about me at all. ha ha!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the quest for Shrek continues...

Yup. Gluten for punishment or just optimistic that there really is a Mr. Right-for-me? Probably a little bit of both.  The last one was so close I could smell the swamp gas (that's spose to be a humorous compliment to him being almost a Shrek), but yea, he was obviously just trying to be Shrek. Lots of wanna-be's out there. I mean Shrek is a pretty cool dude. He has his own swamp, stump and he's his own boss. No one tells him when to come and go and he can choose not to whistle while he works, although besides the moments of shear terror he places on the village people he's a pretty jolly guy (not that bad looking either if you like ears that stick out and that ever so lovely shade of green and the gut that will never let ya down). Yup, another wanna-be. Almost. 

The last one I thought was pure fate. You know how the world will bump two people together a couple of times just to make sure they know they saw each other? It was that kind of fate. Introduced years past by a mutual acquaintance and then a conversation with a stranger met on a dating site just to realize that a familiar face wasn't just a lame pick up line. The trouble with fate though is it makes you forget how far off the ground your feet are. An inch or a mile it all feels the same when you think fate has dealt you a good hand. The trouble with thinking fate is more than a four letter word. Most the time I'm not gullible just yearning for something meant to be I guess.

I guess maybe I just misunderstood fate. Maybe it was saying... well I don't know. Obviously not what I was thinking at the time. Funny how a whirlwind of emotions can be squashed so quickly. Funny how a person can get lost in a whirlwind of emotions and not question it until they're squashed. Blah. 

Anyways. Back to the hunt for Shrek.

Today was way too hot. 97 outside. :) Right now its 83. We opted out of camping and just stayed inside in front of a fan all day. We took turns doing chores, my 8yr old and I did. Elizabeth just sorta enjoyed the fan. We took turns checking on the animals to make sure they had water and took turns taking water out to the garden. Elizabeth took a nap so I took the opportunity to go milk the goats while she slept. Michelle liked being able to stay in since they usually join me in the barn. 

We discovered a very cool sandwich today too. Coleslaw and cheese. Sound weird? I grated up purple cabbage, parsnips and carrots then made a sauce out of yogurt, a little mayo, a pinch of mustard, some celery seed, ginger, salt, pepper and a bit of sugar. That mixed in with the cabbage, parsnips and carrots on buns with a slice of cheddar cheese made a very cool meal. The kids loved it. I did too. I think I found a new favorite for us.

My vacation? Well I'm not really that good at taking any time off unless I'm too sick to get outta bed or too sore to move so I did a lot more than I had intended. I didn't do anything that required an appliance that made heat though. Which means no laundry and only a couple of dishes by hand (only the stuff dairy stuff). I spent a lot more time outside working....

Well there goes the lights and the a/c... damn it's hot without the a/c blowing... LOL I'm still writing and their is no internet connection. Smart! I'll save it and post it when the lights come back on. 

Damn this house is stuffy and hot without the fans blowing. 

An hour without fans in this house is awful... Thank God for electricity. I might like the farming gig but boy I know I would never make it without the technology of today. Heck even without the internet I'd be lonely as heck. :)

Hope ya all had a nice day!

88 and it's not even noon

Yup summer is here. We've been careful to keep the shades down and turned to minimize the amount of light and heat gets in. Besides feeding/watering the poultry and livestock we've been sitting still. I think we'll be avoiding cooking today, even though we had plans for preserves and pies but all the fruit is in the freezer and can wait till it's cooler. Coleslaw with cool yogurt dressing and cold chicken salad sandwiches are in order for today. Wouldn't it be nice if the melons were ready? The best thing about having a huge garden is being able to stay out of the kitchen and still enjoy yummy food. That frozen yogurt and berries will make an excellent cool down snack too. I might catch up on my sleep too. The last week I've slept awful. Too much work and stress and not enough play makes for lousy sleep. I won't even think about what I should be doing. The upside to being my own boss. I promise not to kick myself for letting the to do list go. Or atleast the part of the to do list that includes anything that'll heat up the house which we don't need any help doing that today. 

Might be a good night to put the tent up so the kids can enjoy camping out. Roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over the bbq. :) I guess I was asking for a vacation, a stay-cation might work just as well.

Hope ya'll are stay cool.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

88 was today's high...

Just sort of figures after a spring of cold and rain summer just takes off at a flying leap from the starting gate. Boy sure didn't waste any time did it? 

I spent a ton of time in the garden today (some of the heaviest work was eating all those sugar snap peas). 

I spent a ton of time slicing berries and putting them away for jelly and pie making tomorrow.

I also spent a ton of time catching up on the domestic to do list. 

Have I told you how great my kids are? They are such a wonderful help. Though today my 2yr old had a bout of wanting to be carried around. I guess she just got tired of trying to keep up with all the chores. So I spent the majority of the day with her on one arm or the other (it's not all bad though, I keep her on my left arm it keeps me from getting lopsided from working with my right hand the most). I tried to explain to her that running a farm single handedly didn't mean running a farm with a single hand. She laughed! My gosh, I even make a 2yr old laugh at my attempt of a life. :) If I didn't want to encourage her to continue her phase of clingyness I'd get her a backpack, atleast that way when I talk to myself... er I mean when I talk to the dog or the goat or the geese or turkeys or chickens or alpacas or whoever else might possibly be listening because I do not talk to myself. :) But it'll be nice when she decides she wants to use her own two feet again. When it comes time to hauling bigger garden pickings I'm going to need both hands or I'm going to be making lots of trips! 

Anyways. I'm beat. Time for bed. Tomorrow is my official kitchen day. It's spose to get up to the 90's tomorrow. Maybe I'll pull out my propane stove and cook outside so I don't heat up my house more than I have to. Or maybe I'll just make frozen berry smoothies and forget about cooking till it's cooler. That sounds deliciously cool and yummy. Ok time for bed. I should cool off thinking of frozen treats as I drift to sleep.

I appreciate all the comments on the previous blogs I've posted. It's amazing what a small word of encouragement and well meaning does for a person. Ya'll are great listeners! 


Ever feel that way? My second complaint in 5 weeks of delivering garden produce. I guess maybe that if I look at the odds then I'm doing ok but it still kinda gets to me. The learning curve that planning, planting and delivering a CSA entails is mind boggling. 25 weeks of an abundance and variety of produce to fill a basket each and every week. Who knew I was capable of such a task. Oh wait, I guess I'm not quite meeting the expectations since I've now had two complaints about the size of my baskets. Well let the learning curve continue I guess, 20 weeks to go which leaves tons of room for more work and lots of progress. Yet I'm 5 weeks into it and I was pretty proud of myself yesterday. I mean sure with the way the spring went the baskets are a bit on the small side but things are picking up speed. Next year I'm definitely charing more for the season. I work way too hard and get paid way too little to listen to complaints about how I must not be working hard enough. Boy. As if. The problem with not knowing is ya just don't know. (logic for ya)

I'm kinda in a slump I guess. Being disappointed over that dude doesn't help nothing either. Another one bites the dust! Anyways. I need a vacation. Or a really nice date. Ha ha. I think I have a better chance at getting a weeks vacation than a decent date. I guess what I need to do is work harder and meet my customers expectations. :) (there was only a little bit of sarcasm in there) I swear sometimes looking back at my life is more humorous then watching a sitcom.

Did I tell you someone hacked into my gmail account and sent out spam? Or tried to. I guess the program recognized the attempt at spam and just shut down my email and account. Obviously I was able to get it back since I'm here but I lost my website and have yet to figure out how to get it back online. I was able to look at my log in history for gmail and discovered that the hacker is from Quebec, it gives me the dumbass's IP number, town it's located in and everything. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

It's spose to get up close to 90's today. Today is my official 'work in the garden' day. I think I'm going to find a bikini top and work in the garden in style. Get rid of some of these tan lines. What a thought. I don't think I'd have the nerve but it's funny to think about. I have more to plant, tons to weed and even more to water today.

After a weekend of no house chores I'm having a hard time getting back on track. (I don't know why I admit to that)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 5

Monday again. This is the 5th week of delivering garden produce to my CSA customers (it should be the 8th week but thanks to our wonderful wet weather here in the NW the garden was a little slow at starting). It's amazing thinking back to last Oct or so when I discovered what a CSA was to today 5 weeks into deliveries of my own CSA. I've got to tell you it has been one helluva trip too. 

This weeks challenge. Making strawberry and cherry preserves (which I was spose to do last week but never got out to get the pectin), clean off the dinning room table (it was my green house this year and starting seeds has come to an end), at least 4 days on my new cleaning routine (thanks to my house is looking a little more kept) and brew some rootbeer for the kids (this is something I've yet to learn but have the kit waiting for a time when I feel very ambitious).   

Thinking of ambition I better get another cup of coffee and get my day started. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and tons of salad stuff to pick and get packed in the next hour or so. 

Have a good one!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happily Independent...

I mean have a happy independence day! So yesterday I was reminded once again of the ONE thing on this farm I CAN NOT do alone. That's right only one thing. And that one thing has to be done every year. Which means all my self proclaimed independence flies out the window and I have to round up help. So far my help has been whoever I was dating at the time. he he. Break em in to the farming biz the right way. Maybe that's why they never come back. Hmmm... Anyways. Shearing the alpacas. That is the one task on this farm that I can't get done without help. Or atleast I just haven't figured out how yet. I'm sure one of these days I'll be doing something as far removed as shearing as possible and it'll hit me how to do it alone. Probably after they're already sheared so I'll forget before next year comes along.

I volunteered a friend and a guy I've been seeing to both come help out. Three bodies make quicker work of shearing than just two. I tend to do the brunt of the work considering I'm the only experienced person in the barn but with two extra helpers I don't end up hurting so much. Unfortunately the guy I was seeing stood me up (unfortunate for him I really hate flakyness [if you're going to back out of something, at the very least have the courtesy of calling and manning up to it] looks like I'm back at square one) so I only had one helper. Boy do I hurt this morning. Which does nothing more than remind me how much I hate flakyness. Yes I'm frustrated. :) Does it show?

To top off the frustration the local grocer was out of my favorite beer last night. Which means I better make a run to walmart before I get to working again today. Best thing about working hard is sitting down with a cold beer after I'm done. Well that's just my opinion. :)

We're going to tackle another alpaca today. Since I only had one helper and I'm reminded what a wuss I am cause after one I was too beat to do another, so we're going to try to get another done. The rest will have to wait for next weekend.

I'd post you some pictures but blogger is having fits today and isn't letting me. Maybe later it'll let me.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The only thing that stays the same is everything changes...

Do you know that country song? It fits me, or so it seems.

Last night I watched a TV series called 'Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment' I found it on netflix, which is all I watch these days. I was going to shut off the cable to save an extra $20/month but I get my cable from the phone company where I also get my internet and was told if I shut off the cable than I'd no longer get the $10 credit for the "package" which includes all three services so I'd only be saving $10/month. Which is still a bag of chicken food but the kids entertainment is worth more than a bag of chicken food so I kept the cable. Dora the Explorer lives on! Anyways... as I was saying...

I was watching a show last night, laying on the sofa in my underwear. Yup that's right, damn near half nude. (For those of you who missed it I use to have a "Renter" in the spare bedroom to bring in a little extra each month so my lounging around in my underwear days were over) The Renter unexpectedly moved out yesterday. I was given notice that July would be his last month (but some people can't seem to finish what they start) anyways. In the spirit of not freaking out about not having that expected rent this month I wasted no time in reclaiming the freedom of walking around in my underwear. And when my 8yr old came to get me in the middle of the night I didn't even bother to put on my pj bottoms. Ahhh the comfort of wearing notta (or next to notta)!!

I have to admit though I'm a little on edge about being cut short the rent this month. I was expecting next month to be 100% on my shoulders but I'm not prepared this month. Yet another challenge in the life of me to rise up to, face and overcome. This ain't nothin'. (another country song)

I guess I'm one month ahead of schedule. The plan with the spare room. You all might not find this as exciting as I do but it falls into the whole scheme of things for the farm. (no kidding right?) I've been having such a ball making stuff from the goat's milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, etc and everyone has been loving all the goodies soooo much that I'm going to add those things onto my list for customers next garden season. But to sell all those things I have to have a license and in order to get that license I have to have a kitchen designated for those things (and all the other goodies I add onto the garden customers list) so I'm building a second kitchen.

Shoot kids are awake.. I better go make breakfast...

to be continued... (if I remember, which I might not, but then again I might)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

uphill battle..

I don't remember keeping up with the house chores being so exhausting. I haven't come close to catching up after the last 5yrs of slacking off and procrastinating and ignoring and just plain not feeling like it. It'll take another week or two to catch up completely but I think the routine is starting to set in once again. A routine that I really haven't thought about since... well almost 5yrs ago (the day the ex got the final boot and I started the learning curve of doing it all myself).

Those of you women who keep house, kids and a husband and manage to blog regularly I have a ton of respect and awe for ya. I don't know how you do it. Honestly I wonder if instead of a husband I need a wife. :) I think I've mentioned it before. Someone to do the domestic stuff while I run the farm, but I wouldn't give up the mommy stuff, just the laundry, dishes, toilet cleaning, kitchen mopping, vacuuming, shampooing and dusting. Yea that's it, but I'll do the rest, kid care, cooking, dog shaving, gardening, livestock care, fencing, mending of buildings, etc. Though maybe the weed eating is something the wife could do. Anyways.

This morning I was talking to a friend and was about to go into depth about something... and instead told him I'd save it for the "sofa" (my blog is about the best therapist money could buy). But I think I'll save the really scary stuff. :) ha ha.

This weekends challenge is to shear the alpacas. I'm hoping to wrangle up a couple of hands to help but I don't know what the chances of getting good help is around here. It's way past due though and the weather is finally in season so it has to be done. I can't promise pictures considering I'll be doing the majority of the work but I'll try to take a couple before and after shots just to prove it got done. The joy of being the one in charge is I don't get the luxury of watching from a safe distance.

Oh yea, housekeeping is exhausting. Maybe it wouldn't be if I didn't have a garden to plant, water, weed and pick or livestock to feed, milk and herd, and kids to feed, clean and keep safe, but I do, so it is. Ah well I guess I'll get it figured out eventually.

All you multi-tasking women are my hero! Keep up the job well done!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the quest to conquer the house continues...

As promised from this morning's post here's the Before Bed Routine

  1. Clean up the house before you go to bed (20 minutes max) 
    1. Living room: pick up and put away things, magazines, dishes, clothes, shoes.
    2. Kitchen: Clean it up, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths, and run the dishwasher
    3. Dining room/entrance: Clear the hot spots (I'm still working on that task)
    4. Review your check list to make sure you have not forgotten anything
  2. Think about tomorrow before you go to bed
    1. Check your calendar and/or planner for appointments
    2. Start a PODA (Parade of Daily Adventures [I've yet to learn about that but I'll let ya know when I do]) or "To Do" list for tomorrow
    3. Think about: What can I do tonight that will make tomorrow morning easier? 
    4. Gather up items that you do not want to forget and place them in a spot by the door
    5. Start Breakfast: Set table and plan what you are cooking
    6. If you plan to use the crock pot, then get some of those things ready so all you have to do is throw it together
    7. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow. 
  3. Focus on yourself before going to bed
    1. Get yourself ready for bed
    2. Take vitamins and other meds
    3. Take a bath
    4. Put on jammies
    5. Reflect on today's accomplishments
    6. Work on your journal (I'm spose to make a TaDa list and/or Gratitude journal)
    7. Read for fun
    8. Listen to music
    9. Prayer and/or meditation
    10. Fall asleep with a smile on my face. 
Sounds like a lot for one night. Ofcourse at the top of that list is 'Put the kids to bed' and 'Have a beer'.

I better get on it. Already past 8:30

I almost got my to do list done today. The dog got shaved, the corn planted, the garden watered and the kids fed. One load of laundry needs to be folded still and the other load put in the dryer. 

I have to take a chicken outta the freezer tonight. Tomorrow I'm making chicken pot pies (muffin size), chicken egg rolls and chicken noodle soup (should keep us full for a couple of weeks). 

Shoot looks like rain. I better go get my gardening basket. 

Does the day ever end?

House Habits

Well until I figure out the whole new page posting dilliwicker I guess here is where you're going to be following my newest adventure. Getting control back over my house. Years ago I was a housewife. I can't say I was ever a great housewife but that was my job in life and it was a daily practice. For the past few years (since being divorced) I've found myself a little lost and floundering some when it comes to what my daily practices should be. Keeping house doesn't seem as important when you don't have someone coming home to your hard work so it got put on the back burner. Sure I eventually got into the Monday and Thursday kitchen cleaning habit but mostly because I really picked up the joy of cooking and the kitchen was my favorite place to be. Sitting in the living room isn't as nice when it's just you, especially after having someone around for so many years to sit with you at the end of the day. So the kitchen, cook, create, eat. Now that life has gotten a little busier and I'm gathering a new me, reinvention is what that self-help book calls it. Years of learning and wondering and coming back again. 

So I joined this is the place to get back that lost control when it comes to the house and home. It's a good site. She emphasizes on not getting burnt out on the task of getting back on track; 15 minutes at a time. The house didn't become a mess in one day so it'll take more than one day to get it back in order. I'm sure none of you have that problem. :)

Yesterday was day one on the adventure. Flylady gives daily tasks called BabySteps when you're first starting out. Day 1's BabyStep is shining the kitchen sink. That is what I did yesterday and low and behold it's still spotless. 
It's not beautiful but it's clean. I'm not going to show you the rest of the kitchen counter though because it's still a tad bit behind. :)

Flylady has a Morning Routine that I put to practice this morning. I gotta say I feel a little more in control of my day so far. 

Here's the morning routine:
  1. Make your bed as soon as you get out of it. 
  2. Go into the bathroom
  3. Shower and clean the bathroom while you are there.
  4. Swish the toilet and leave the room never to return till later. It is clean and you can forget about it for now.
  5. Leave your bedroom with a load of laundry in hand and go straight to the washer. (her idea is a load a day keeps the chaos away)
  6. If you did the Before Bed Routine (I'll tell you about that later) the kitchen is clean (I only got part of the Before Bed Routine done last night so I'm a bit behind) and all you need to do is empty the dishwasher.
  7. Make coffee and start breakfast. (this morning was a dutch baby [I'll tell you about that one later too])
  8. Feed critters
  9. Feed the family (including myself) 
  10. Check your calendar
  11. Make your list of what you are going to do today
  12. Thaw something for dinner
  13. Checkbook balancing 
  14. Reboot the laundry (put in dryer)
  15. Hit the hotspots. (I'll tell you about those as I learn about them, basically it's where things tend to pile up like the coffee table)
  16. Take your vitamins and medications. 
  17. Sit down.
  18. Eater breakfast (I did that earlier when the kids did)
  19. Morning Meditation: God, Imagination, Focus, Thanksgiving (GIFT) 
  20. Now reward yourself with some computer time. Check your e-mail.
I got the first 14 steps done before 10. I'm slow and on the learning curve. I skipped to step 20 cause I wanted to share. :) Now to learn about step 15, do step 16, 19 and wrap up step 20. 

My to do list:
  1. Water the Garden
  2. Plant 6th and 7th corn squares
  3. Fold and put away laundry (yep gotta actually put it away, no more living out of a basket)
  4. Shave the dog
  5. Do today's BabyStep (I'll let you know what that is after I get it done)
  6. Make lunch
  7. Work on this weeks "Zone" (this week is the living room but every week it changes to a different part of the house so you're sure to do a thorough cleaning of all your house every month [handy huh?])
  8. Milk the goats
  9. Make dinner
  10. Chat with Mr. Right-for-me
  11. Before Bed Routine
It's not a long to do list but it'll take up the rest of the day. There's another blog in that list somewhere I'm sure and probably a nap. I better get at it

P.S. I met Mr. Right-for-me. :) (I'll tell you about that in another post)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

soul searching continues...

Life single. It's like a puzzle you work on it for weeks pouring all your attention into it just to find out it's missing like the entire border. Once the puzzle is put together you figure the border isn't such a big deal. And you might have put that puzzle together when you did have a border. Sometimes after you put a puzzle together you take off the boarder and it actually looks rather nice. But when the puzzle falls apart you find that the border is about the best way to start putting it back together again. But the border is missing. Sure you say, start with the most detail and then work your way out but it's not quite the same thing. It does work though, putting a puzzle together without a border but...

I find myself putting a puzzle back together without the border...

Maybe I change my day off into a full day of work. Busy is pretty good at keeping one's mind off what's missing.


Chaos is what happens when you're routine gets off track. Sometimes it's a natural disaster, sometimes it's a man made disaster. Sometimes it's your own doing trying to mix things up a bit for the better.

So your bags are packed and you're standing at the train station. But you have no idea where the train is going to take you, you just get on and wait to see. The trouble is the train is already moving. The fact is you're leaving behind where you were and you're headed somewhere else, no turning back now. Where you're going is a mystery, there's someone else driving the train. What you packed in your bags you hope is enough to remind you not to lose who you are no matter where you go. You wonder if there will be anyone to meet you at the next station. But then does anyone know you're even on it?

Ever have a gut feeling things are about to change? Change is good right? Growth comes from change. But then maybe it's just a dream and you'll wake up in the same bed you fell asleep in. Maybe. But do you really want to? Maybe change is something you've been craving. I think everyone craves a little bit of change when they've gotten into a pattern.

I'm just rambling. My virtual therapist's sofa. I think that's what blogging really is. This is where you smile and nod your head and write down the strongest prescription in your ability. :)

Ok back to routine.

Hope ya had a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes I swear my oldest is an angel
Just look the way she lights up a room
Funny how a camera catches what you know is there but don't always see.

This is how the kids spent a couple of hours while I cleaned out the barn.
I'd be envious but what they don't know is that's exactly what I do every time I go down to the barn.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

laundry is fun with a helper

Sharing my coffee.. er um.. beer break with you...

So I'm finally kicking that bug that caught hold of me a few weeks ago. Yesterday morning I woke up at 4am without even an alarm clock. I haven't gone back to setting my alarm clock yet because most of my nights have been spent coughing or just not sleeping and I've been waiting till I get some real rest before pushing myself again. A friend of mine came to the rescue of my wet feet problem.
If you haven't already read about them.
My newest farm tools (and dear beloved friend and companions)
My boots.
Yea, I know. It's weird to love a pair of "shoes" this much but you'd just have to be my feet for a day to really understand how great it is to have a pair of boots that you don't want to take off.

What you all might not know is this is actually my second pair of this brand of boot. When I first moved here to this little farm I quickly realized I needed boots, shoes just don't cut it when you're waist deep in grass, weeds and everything else that lives in that first 3' above the earths crust. Nike's which is what I came here in are comfortable and they use to be the shoe I never took off but when you realize that every beetle, bug and thistle will find it's way between your toes you stop wanting to go outside altogether. That's hardly an option.

Anyways. Sorry I got off track there for a second. Let's see where was I?

Oh yea, so I haven't turned my alarm clock back on. 

Luckily for me my oldest is out of school so it's not such a pressing need. The goats are on a once a day milking schedule which means I can milk them pretty much any time I feel like it. Though I make a point of doing it within an hour of the day before. 

So yesterday started at 4am. Which I'm a little sad to have missed sunrise. Since it was the longest day of the year. It was already light when I got up. This morning I woke up at a more reasonable time 6:30. Since then I've planted in the garden, did a load of dishes, stripped all the beds of sheets and put them in the wash, folded jeans, sliced strawberries for the freezer until I get some pectin to make jelly. Fertilized and watered all my tomato, peppers, squash and corn by hand (small handful of fertilizer, cup of water per each plant), planted beans next to each corn. Picked and ate all the ripe strawberries. :) They were awesome (breakfast). 

Besides the usual, got the kids up and dressed, fed and watered the critters and hauled trash out. 

Next on the list? 

  • Finish above mentioned beer.
  • Make lunch.
  • Put in another load of dishes
  • Put sheets in dryer and fold clothes in dryer
  • Make sure everyone has water (Summer actually feels like Summer)
  • Plant more tomatoes
  • Shovel out the goat's barn
  • Vacuum living room, bathroom and bedrooms
  • Milk the goats
  • BBQ dinner
  • Have another beer
  • Chit chat and discuss the days events with multiple friends
Well I guess I better get at it. Good thing these boots are comfortable.

Oh yesterday's deliveries were almost uneventful. But I'm actually really looking forward to next year and having more customers. This has been quite the introductory year. 

Back to work!

Yes Boss!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Can you believe it? Summer! Today! When did that happen? Where the heck have I been? I'm speechless. And after I put a load of laundry in I'll be back to write a real post. :) Seriously I can't believe it's summer. Half the year is gone. The longest day of the year, is today. It feels like summer today, 70's and all week it's spose to be nice up to the 80's. Real Summer weather. What a nice way to enter summer. Too bad we didn't have more spring during spring and less winter during spring. Spring hardly even existed. Summer however is starting out without a doubt summery. Ok laundry. I'll be back.
My third most favorite picture of me. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life's a beach!

Did I ever tell you how much I love....
my boots?
I love the beach too!
But I really, truly love my boots.
So much we went to the beach yesterday.
I really do love the beach.
I love the surf.
I love the sand.
I love the smell.
I just love it.
Did I tell you I love my boots?
Unfortunately I had to take them off to really enjoy the beach.
But I'm sure they appreciated staying dry.
I think my boots enjoyed the beach too.
A little bit of sun and relaxation is good for everyone.
Especially hard working boots.
A little sun and a little relaxation did us some good.
It was a great day for both.