Friday, July 2, 2010

The only thing that stays the same is everything changes...

Do you know that country song? It fits me, or so it seems.

Last night I watched a TV series called 'Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment' I found it on netflix, which is all I watch these days. I was going to shut off the cable to save an extra $20/month but I get my cable from the phone company where I also get my internet and was told if I shut off the cable than I'd no longer get the $10 credit for the "package" which includes all three services so I'd only be saving $10/month. Which is still a bag of chicken food but the kids entertainment is worth more than a bag of chicken food so I kept the cable. Dora the Explorer lives on! Anyways... as I was saying...

I was watching a show last night, laying on the sofa in my underwear. Yup that's right, damn near half nude. (For those of you who missed it I use to have a "Renter" in the spare bedroom to bring in a little extra each month so my lounging around in my underwear days were over) The Renter unexpectedly moved out yesterday. I was given notice that July would be his last month (but some people can't seem to finish what they start) anyways. In the spirit of not freaking out about not having that expected rent this month I wasted no time in reclaiming the freedom of walking around in my underwear. And when my 8yr old came to get me in the middle of the night I didn't even bother to put on my pj bottoms. Ahhh the comfort of wearing notta (or next to notta)!!

I have to admit though I'm a little on edge about being cut short the rent this month. I was expecting next month to be 100% on my shoulders but I'm not prepared this month. Yet another challenge in the life of me to rise up to, face and overcome. This ain't nothin'. (another country song)

I guess I'm one month ahead of schedule. The plan with the spare room. You all might not find this as exciting as I do but it falls into the whole scheme of things for the farm. (no kidding right?) I've been having such a ball making stuff from the goat's milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, etc and everyone has been loving all the goodies soooo much that I'm going to add those things onto my list for customers next garden season. But to sell all those things I have to have a license and in order to get that license I have to have a kitchen designated for those things (and all the other goodies I add onto the garden customers list) so I'm building a second kitchen.

Shoot kids are awake.. I better go make breakfast...

to be continued... (if I remember, which I might not, but then again I might)

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