Saturday, July 10, 2010

i fell in love!

With my little fairy tale of a world here on our little farm!
Forgive the blurry edges, little kids and sticky fingers were on the other end of the camera. :)
Who could ask for a better farm hand than this one right here?
Isn't she a doll?
Tell me he doesn't look like a camel.
This is Lil' 'Paca Rodeo.
My favorite alpaca stud. He's the one I sheared last Saturday. 
Here's my woolly girls. Looks like my 2yr old does all the work huh?
She loves helping out.
There's the favorite guy.
Ash got a hair cut a couple weeks ago too. I think I told ya about it in another post.
He's a whole nother dog with his coat off.
Missing eggs turn into chicks. Who'd thunk it?
There's the farm hand working some more. 
The geese are getting big. They're such a neat creature 
(I'm glad I don't have to do the butchering. I don't think it'd get done)
Unfortunately for those geese they taste really good. If they knew I bet they'd go on a fast food diet!
Remember Buttercup? My first bottle baby alpine. She's getting big.
She's a trouble maker, she likes to get out of the barn stall and make a mess of the barn.
But we love her, she'll give us lots of milk next year.
Elizabeth learned how to say "Bad Dog!" 
Which she's doing in that picture at the Buttercup.
She hasn't learned how to say "Bad Goat!"
He thinks he's hiding.
There is a pit fall to having a farm.
I think the tall grass is beautiful and lovely to lay in. So does the dog.
But when I let it get too tall I have no desire to cut it because...
You see why I can't mow the lawn after it gets so tall? 
I love the flowers!
This will be my future pond. During the winter it fills up pretty good but it doesn't last long.
When it's all done it'll be about 50x60 and about 4ft deep.
I'm going to stick trout in it and put a little dock at the end of it and find a little row boat so I can take cat naps while fishing, in between chores.
It's beautiful with the tall grass and full of flowers.

Can you say cheese?
The photographer.
She hasn't learned yet that when you take a pic of yourself you're spose to smile.
See I do work. Proof!
This came to visit us yesterday with a "make my mouth water" "tall drink of water"... hmm.. "schmokin' hot".. well you get the point.... yummy 
If I'm lucky I'll see what it's like to sit on the back of it.
Wish me luck!

Kinda nice when the kiddo needs a nap. Gives me an excuse to sit down. 

Have a great weekend!

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