Friday, July 9, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if the weirdness of my "lifestyle" is working against me in the Shrek search. I vaguely remember someone proclaiming quite surprised when they found out I wasn't a hippy. And a little disappointed when someone found out that even though I'm very much into "natural" I wasn't a pot smoker. Which makes me wonder if the whole "home grown" thing is giving me an image other than just a single mom growing veggies for a few families. This isn't the sort of thing that is typical for a single mom. I had one of my customers seem surprised to find out that I wasn't part of some ethnic group other than just plain ole white. I'm not racist by in my area I guess this sort of thing is more seen as what mexicans do or oriental people. We tend to have a lot of both that work in the large crop fields and cannery's. 

So maybe it's a case of mistaken identity or maybe mistaken stereo type would be a better way to say it. Either way I don't think it's helping me any. 

Maybe I should join a Saturday market and forget about dating. Saturday is the only time I have a sitter so I'd be kid free to do it. Well nah that wouldn't work because starting in Aug I'll be spending most my Saturdays in the woods hunting black bear and elk. I don't think I told you I pulled the controlled elk tag I wanted. It'll let me hunt from Aug 1st through March 31st next year. Plenty of time to practice. Fall bear season opens up Aug 1st also which is a bonus because it's pretty common around here to run into bear sign if there is elk sign around. Lucky for me. Now just to find someone to come with me to help pull whatever I kill outta the woods. That's been my hang up the last 3 or 4 years. I look for Shrek with a rifle and think he must be my type. But come to find out once he's in the woods he's not Shrek after all, he's just a city slicker with a gun. Not the kind of person you really want to be in the woods with. Oh wait, does that make me a city slicker in the woods with a gun or Fiona with a rifle? Hmm... I'm in the transitioning phase. Call me Fiona. :)

I got a little side tracked there. 

I have a new theory about dating sites. They're like a bad antibiotic. Sure they cure loneliness for a week or two, sometimes a couple of months but it always wears off and it comes back. Nice huh? It cost about the same amount as a cheap antibiotic too. And here I am with no health insurance to cover the cost. Boy. Seems I've got myself into a self medicated mess. I wonder what the proper treatment for loneliness would be if I was self medicating instead of getting a prescription. Alcohol? Well a bar would be the atmosphere to pick up a possible Shrek. And if I did it right it wouldn't cost me a dime. But I have a feeling that kind of self medicating would just leave me lonely again faster than using the antibiotic. Still following or have I lost ya? :)

I didn't sleep very good last night. I think I must have laid awake till after 3:30. I'm starting to think that maybe I should just skip going to bed every other night and enjoy the not sleeping instead of tossing and turning in bed. 

I'm going to put some more thought into my new theory. I'll let ya know what I come up with. 

Yesterday got up to 96 again. Today I think will be another cooker, it's already 79 and it's only 9:30. I got mail. I better get.

Have a great day!

*edited* email was just another joker who can't be bothered to email. Hey dude. Let's txt and see if we click. Blah. Not that I mind txt'n but seems like a little introduction should be in order first before moving to that stage of communication. Maybe I'm too old fashioned. Oh wait. I'm on a dating site. Nothing old fashioned about me at all. ha ha!

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