Sunday, July 18, 2010

back on track...


last night was my normal "date night". Up until last week I hadn't really shared date night with you but since I was getting in a slump with the garden and farm stuff I figured it was time to change the beat a little bit. Ya know. Give you something to laugh about (my love life). So last Saturday was the idea of letting you into the world I call dating. I know it isn't spose to be such a dramatic or even comical "thing" but in my life, so far, it has been quite the adventure. Even I have learned to have a sense of humor about the whole thing and kept at it, if not for love then for the laughs. 

Last week as you all have gathered was... um... unexpected to put it nicely. It kinda shook me too the core and made me question a lot. I know to some it may seem like so little but I've come to learn to appreciate even the tiniest of "things" and to me it held some pretty big significance. To say the least. Anyways it's left me in quite the slump. Wondering if I should seek professional help for how "low" it got me. Not that I could afford that. Ha ha. I won't go into it too deep but it sums up to a mortgage payment lost and the month is only half over. But the good news is... it can only get better. It will only get better!

So Saturday night I made last minute plans. After ditching the dude from last week cause I really didn't think I would step foot outta my house (outta the house means off the farm cause I can't avoid not leaving the house, with 4 dozen poultry to feed and a dozen livestock) until Monday (deliveries). I felt bad about canceling on him but I realized if I was going to get outta my slump I had to get outta the house. And after last weeks excitement I couldn't afford it. So I needed a date. Which I hate to admit it but that's not hard to find. (I am on Match by the way so a date is a click away)

Anyways. So I was in such a glum I knew I had to go out but didn't want to bother a good impression with my problems (last weeks date) so I found someone "safe" to buy me a beer. You know "safe"? The kind that you're pretty sure won't make you regret the evening. I've had far too many dates that ended in wishing I'd just gone out alone. 

It was kinda nice. I certainly don't regret it. Certainly glad I didn't sit at home and mope all night Saturday. I am glad I didn't bug last weeks first impression with it though. Saturday night was very empathetic and just seemed to get it. Ya know? Maybe just a genuine nice guy. Those are hard to come by. Anyways. We're going fishing Tuesday. Yea. The kids have vacation bible school so they'll be at my aunts most of the week so I'm going to enjoy my kidlessness (is that a word?) with fishing. Thought I'd take "safe" with me. 

I love good company. 

Anyways. I'm still kinda in a slump. I've been trying to talk myself out of it but I think like any cold or illness the stresses of last week just need to be given time. So I'll just take it one day at a time. I'll convince myself in the meantime I have to get outta bed and I have to do the farm chores and I have to feed the kids. Above and beyond that may suffer a bit till I climb outta this hole but eventually I'll be back to my normal self. 


Until next time.

Hope ya all had a great weekend!


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