Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sharing my coffee.. er um.. beer break with you...

So I'm finally kicking that bug that caught hold of me a few weeks ago. Yesterday morning I woke up at 4am without even an alarm clock. I haven't gone back to setting my alarm clock yet because most of my nights have been spent coughing or just not sleeping and I've been waiting till I get some real rest before pushing myself again. A friend of mine came to the rescue of my wet feet problem.
If you haven't already read about them.
My newest farm tools (and dear beloved friend and companions)
My boots.
Yea, I know. It's weird to love a pair of "shoes" this much but you'd just have to be my feet for a day to really understand how great it is to have a pair of boots that you don't want to take off.

What you all might not know is this is actually my second pair of this brand of boot. When I first moved here to this little farm I quickly realized I needed boots, shoes just don't cut it when you're waist deep in grass, weeds and everything else that lives in that first 3' above the earths crust. Nike's which is what I came here in are comfortable and they use to be the shoe I never took off but when you realize that every beetle, bug and thistle will find it's way between your toes you stop wanting to go outside altogether. That's hardly an option.

Anyways. Sorry I got off track there for a second. Let's see where was I?

Oh yea, so I haven't turned my alarm clock back on. 

Luckily for me my oldest is out of school so it's not such a pressing need. The goats are on a once a day milking schedule which means I can milk them pretty much any time I feel like it. Though I make a point of doing it within an hour of the day before. 

So yesterday started at 4am. Which I'm a little sad to have missed sunrise. Since it was the longest day of the year. It was already light when I got up. This morning I woke up at a more reasonable time 6:30. Since then I've planted in the garden, did a load of dishes, stripped all the beds of sheets and put them in the wash, folded jeans, sliced strawberries for the freezer until I get some pectin to make jelly. Fertilized and watered all my tomato, peppers, squash and corn by hand (small handful of fertilizer, cup of water per each plant), planted beans next to each corn. Picked and ate all the ripe strawberries. :) They were awesome (breakfast). 

Besides the usual, got the kids up and dressed, fed and watered the critters and hauled trash out. 

Next on the list? 

  • Finish above mentioned beer.
  • Make lunch.
  • Put in another load of dishes
  • Put sheets in dryer and fold clothes in dryer
  • Make sure everyone has water (Summer actually feels like Summer)
  • Plant more tomatoes
  • Shovel out the goat's barn
  • Vacuum living room, bathroom and bedrooms
  • Milk the goats
  • BBQ dinner
  • Have another beer
  • Chit chat and discuss the days events with multiple friends
Well I guess I better get at it. Good thing these boots are comfortable.

Oh yesterday's deliveries were almost uneventful. But I'm actually really looking forward to next year and having more customers. This has been quite the introductory year. 

Back to work!

Yes Boss!

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