Tuesday, July 6, 2010

88 was today's high...

Just sort of figures after a spring of cold and rain summer just takes off at a flying leap from the starting gate. Boy sure didn't waste any time did it? 

I spent a ton of time in the garden today (some of the heaviest work was eating all those sugar snap peas). 

I spent a ton of time slicing berries and putting them away for jelly and pie making tomorrow.

I also spent a ton of time catching up on the domestic to do list. 

Have I told you how great my kids are? They are such a wonderful help. Though today my 2yr old had a bout of wanting to be carried around. I guess she just got tired of trying to keep up with all the chores. So I spent the majority of the day with her on one arm or the other (it's not all bad though, I keep her on my left arm it keeps me from getting lopsided from working with my right hand the most). I tried to explain to her that running a farm single handedly didn't mean running a farm with a single hand. She laughed! My gosh, I even make a 2yr old laugh at my attempt of a life. :) If I didn't want to encourage her to continue her phase of clingyness I'd get her a backpack, atleast that way when I talk to myself... er I mean when I talk to the dog or the goat or the geese or turkeys or chickens or alpacas or whoever else might possibly be listening because I do not talk to myself. :) But it'll be nice when she decides she wants to use her own two feet again. When it comes time to hauling bigger garden pickings I'm going to need both hands or I'm going to be making lots of trips! 

Anyways. I'm beat. Time for bed. Tomorrow is my official kitchen day. It's spose to get up to the 90's tomorrow. Maybe I'll pull out my propane stove and cook outside so I don't heat up my house more than I have to. Or maybe I'll just make frozen berry smoothies and forget about cooking till it's cooler. That sounds deliciously cool and yummy. Ok time for bed. I should cool off thinking of frozen treats as I drift to sleep.

I appreciate all the comments on the previous blogs I've posted. It's amazing what a small word of encouragement and well meaning does for a person. Ya'll are great listeners! 

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