Monday, July 12, 2010

I need thicker skin...

Remember the complainer? Well she got to me again. Rude people just.. well.. something... awful.. (God bless them so they'll be not so rude). I was pretty happy with today's deliveries. Sure it's kinda hectic juggling the 2yr old on arm (in the garden she can not be trusted, she takes a bite out of everything, even if she doesn't pick it first) and picking veggies with the other. I picked a boat load of peas today. Boy is that a tedious task or what. Picking peas for one family isn't so bad but yea... it's not a task I look forward to next week. But I munched on enough of em that I felt like I'd have brunch. They're good. It's not as hot here today as it's been which is nice. About 75 this afternoon when we drove back from our deliveries. My 8yr old did all the running again. She loves it (I give her a quarter for every house) but she's learning ya don't leave the basket directly in front of the door. Oops. Anyways long story short the baskets looked great and once again I was really satisfied with the weeks delivery. Then I get home and have a rude email waiting for me. I won't go into detail but it really gets to me. Rudeness. I don't get paid good enough to deal with grumpy people. It's not like I'm walmart or something. I really hate it that people think they can treat you like you're dirt just because... well I don't know why. Because they're the customer? Because they gave you money to do something? I tell ya what I didn't sign up for that. 

Yea, I'm just venting. I think what bugs me the most is that it bugs me. I shouldn't care but I do. Luckily even if the persons attitude does change I can say no next year. If I wasn't so short this month from the renter moving out and the donor not working (no child support) I'd just give her a refund and tell her to... I'd tell her to... er.. um..

...spend it elsewhere!

Yea sad huh?

Ah well. Once I start sleeping again it probably won't bug me so much. Maybe. I hope.

I can't wait till next year! Really, no sarcasm. It's easier to do the work when you have a better of how much work you have to do. Ya know? Right now I wish I could crawl under my blanket with a six pack of porter and hibernate till winter. :)

Hope ya all had a wonderful Monday! 


  1. I was going to complain about my day, but after reading this, I won't. Misery doesn't always love company.

  2. Better luck and blessings for the rest of the week. And yes there is always somebody who is a grump it seems.