Tuesday, July 13, 2010

farm accidents...

Accidents is something that no one likes to have happen and they seem to be so much worse when it happens on a farm. Ever noticed that? My dear old doggy friend Ash (the love of my life, favorite male figure, longest relationship, most loyal companion, mommies best nanny, city slicker turned country dog) thought he'd add a few more grey hairs to my head and years onto my heart. Since I sheared off his winter coat he think he's a mouse and tries crawling through openings in the fence that he has no since going through. Crawling through one of those spots tonight to catch up to me after milking the goats he ran a heavy piece of wire in his waist and out the back of his hip. Speared him through about 10". Luckily it didn't hit any bone or internal organs but he has to stay overnight at the vet and have surgery in the morning to flush the wound out and put a drain tube in. 

Filling out the paper work at the vet's office I had to remind myself how old he was. That's not hard to do because I got him about 5 weeks before I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. Everyone says that's why I finally got pregnant, because I stopped trying. I did too. We'd tried for almost a year and a half to get pregnant and had no luck. It was rather depressing. So I gave up, found and adorable puppy from the pound and took him home for once having someone else to spend all my attention on (my ex was working at that time). We brought Ash home in late April of 2001. We'd driven about 3hrs to a foster home where he was being kept. It was very memorable. We used the excuse of my ex's bday for why we went and got a puppy, no one would have understand a wife losing hope of getting pregnant wanting a puppy. Father's day 5 or 6 weeks later I announced to my ex and family that I was pregnant. (The funniest part about that is my brother gave his gf a puppy about 7 months later and she got pregnant too. So now the family thinks puppies cause pregnancies.)

I remember we took Ash to puppy training classes and every time a puppy had a potty accident I'd have to run to the bathroom cause of the nausea I was feeling from being pregnant. It was rather embarrassing because normally I don't have a weak stomach at all but while pregnant anything sets me off. It's kinda funny thinking about it now. 

I don't mean to bore ya with my ramblings about my dog but he's staying the night at the vet's office and I'm worried about him. 

Anyways. He was a real natural when it came to my oldest. When I had her he became her shadow. He's been that way ever since. (When we got divorced I traded the kid and dog for the car, rifle and no child support. Yup. Sad huh? But I got the two most important things out of the deal. Unfortunately for him child support is one of those things judges will make ya pay no matter what you got outta the deal. =D Not that I get much, only when he's on unemployment and they can garnish his wages. Anyways.)  So when my baby was out in the front lawn playing Ash was laying close by making sure no one came too close. When we moved here on this little farm Ash was Michelle's shadow. He protected her from cranky roosters and made sure the alpacas didn't go to close. (not that the alpacas were a threat)

He became a natural on the farm too. If the animals fight he breaks them up. Did I ever tell you half my chicken eggs are not fertilized because Ash breaks up ALL the fights. He's a real pain when it comes time to breed the alpacas. He just doesn't understand that aspect. He barks at every guy who's come to my door, date or salesman. There was one date that Ash really didn't like, he went around to every window and just kept barking. Finally the guy got uncomfortable and asked if I'd hold the dog so he could leave. I'll probably never know why but I trust my dog's judgment enough to let that one go. 

He's a natural at just being whatever you want to call it, a friend. After working long hours outside I can lay down in a field and he'll come lay down so I can use him as a pillow. 

I should stop. It's past dinner time. My brain isn't at home right now. I'm probably worrying for nothing. Maybe I'm even being silly for worrying at all. He's been the only real staple in my life for the past 9yrs. What a thought huh?

I better go put something together for dinner.

Hope ya all had a nice day.


  1. Praying Ash heals up without any problems. We too have had our share of accidents on the farm. Just a few days ago our horse was not looking so good, so quickly hauled him to the vet. The findings his spleen as enlarged and displaced, they treated him with every medicine they could but in the end we had to make a truly hard choice, to put him down. :o( It's so hard and I'm crying as I type this but we simply couldn't let him suffer a minute longer. Now the questions of what could we have done different, why did this happen and what not are racing through all of our heads and it doesn't help with my Mom's dementia/ mental illness and her trying to ease her mind and place the blame on someone( it's me)
    Take care and hug Ash of us, nothing like a best friend dog. :o)

  2. Ash sure sounds like your guardian dog, hope he recovers quickly. And yes dogs can tell when people could harm their family, you right to trust Ash's judgement.