Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the quest for Shrek continues...

Yup. Gluten for punishment or just optimistic that there really is a Mr. Right-for-me? Probably a little bit of both.  The last one was so close I could smell the swamp gas (that's spose to be a humorous compliment to him being almost a Shrek), but yea, he was obviously just trying to be Shrek. Lots of wanna-be's out there. I mean Shrek is a pretty cool dude. He has his own swamp, stump and he's his own boss. No one tells him when to come and go and he can choose not to whistle while he works, although besides the moments of shear terror he places on the village people he's a pretty jolly guy (not that bad looking either if you like ears that stick out and that ever so lovely shade of green and the gut that will never let ya down). Yup, another wanna-be. Almost. 

The last one I thought was pure fate. You know how the world will bump two people together a couple of times just to make sure they know they saw each other? It was that kind of fate. Introduced years past by a mutual acquaintance and then a conversation with a stranger met on a dating site just to realize that a familiar face wasn't just a lame pick up line. The trouble with fate though is it makes you forget how far off the ground your feet are. An inch or a mile it all feels the same when you think fate has dealt you a good hand. The trouble with thinking fate is more than a four letter word. Most the time I'm not gullible just yearning for something meant to be I guess.

I guess maybe I just misunderstood fate. Maybe it was saying... well I don't know. Obviously not what I was thinking at the time. Funny how a whirlwind of emotions can be squashed so quickly. Funny how a person can get lost in a whirlwind of emotions and not question it until they're squashed. Blah. 

Anyways. Back to the hunt for Shrek.

Today was way too hot. 97 outside. :) Right now its 83. We opted out of camping and just stayed inside in front of a fan all day. We took turns doing chores, my 8yr old and I did. Elizabeth just sorta enjoyed the fan. We took turns checking on the animals to make sure they had water and took turns taking water out to the garden. Elizabeth took a nap so I took the opportunity to go milk the goats while she slept. Michelle liked being able to stay in since they usually join me in the barn. 

We discovered a very cool sandwich today too. Coleslaw and cheese. Sound weird? I grated up purple cabbage, parsnips and carrots then made a sauce out of yogurt, a little mayo, a pinch of mustard, some celery seed, ginger, salt, pepper and a bit of sugar. That mixed in with the cabbage, parsnips and carrots on buns with a slice of cheddar cheese made a very cool meal. The kids loved it. I did too. I think I found a new favorite for us.

My vacation? Well I'm not really that good at taking any time off unless I'm too sick to get outta bed or too sore to move so I did a lot more than I had intended. I didn't do anything that required an appliance that made heat though. Which means no laundry and only a couple of dishes by hand (only the stuff dairy stuff). I spent a lot more time outside working....

Well there goes the lights and the a/c... damn it's hot without the a/c blowing... LOL I'm still writing and their is no internet connection. Smart! I'll save it and post it when the lights come back on. 

Damn this house is stuffy and hot without the fans blowing. 

An hour without fans in this house is awful... Thank God for electricity. I might like the farming gig but boy I know I would never make it without the technology of today. Heck even without the internet I'd be lonely as heck. :)

Hope ya all had a nice day!

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