Friday, July 9, 2010

Photography, cooking and everything else cool and wonderfully done at home

Have you ever noticed that bloggers are some of the best photographers, cooks, homemakers, handcrafters, homesteaders, etc? It's cool because most of these people don't do any of these things for a living they just really truly enjoy the activities and they do it great (probably because they enjoy doing it so much). Today I gave my 8yr old a new thrill. I handed over the digital camera to her. She's in heaven and having a blast. It'll be fun to see what she sees. Hopefully she doesn't see my messy house the same way I do and the undone chores like I do. :) 

We have had quite the adventure today. Or atleast I have. Kids are good at not noticing little things and sometimes that's a good thing. Earlier this afternoon my oldest asked if she could spend some of her hard earned money on some rootbeer (I know it's on my to do list to make it and I'll be her hero when I finally do it.) Anyways when we got to the store I discovered my truck had attracted a swarm of honey bees. Now honey bees when they're swarming away from a nest are usually at their least aggressive because that usually means they're homeless. Having done my homework on honeybees already I took faith in what I'd read and unloaded the kids and went into the grocery store to do our shopping. Yea a little nerve wrecking but my 8yr old is one of those "better not to know" when it comes to bees and she didn't notice. When we got back to the truck it still has quite a number of honeybees flying around it but I went about the business of loading up the kids and groceries as if they weren't there. Not an easy feat I must say. A few followed us into the truck but with windows down we drove away and let them find their own way out. Before you curse and scream if they'd been anything but honeybees I'd have never even thought twice about it. But I've done my homework on honeybees and have a newbies respectful knowledge of it. But it just makes me want a couple hives of honeybees that much more. Weird huh? Walk through a swarm of honeybees and it makes me want my own. Maybe that's why I can't seem to keep a date. Hmm... I'll have to think about that one and weigh what's better, a hive full of honey or.. well I... er.. um yea.. nevermind. 

Oh the other cool thing. I discovered why I wasn't getting as many eggs as I was expecting from my hens. We have four new chicks and a real moody hen. :) Talk about a super cool discovery. Hens that do the job of incubating. Who'd thunk it? Even though I've had better luck at hatching chicks than she has so the score is 10 me 4 hen. We'll keep count and see if the score changes before the summer is over. 

We planted pumpkins and melons today too. We found the largest alpaca poo pile in the spare field and planted a dozen plants in the middle of it. Alpaca poo is one of those you can apply directly because it doesn't have to be composted. This wasn't a fresh poo pile though since it was in the spare field it hasn't been used in a few weeks which probably makes it even better. Now the trick is to keep the goat kids in their pen and away from the plants. They already found one of my pumpkin plants and made lunch out of it. Yea another mistake I probably make while dating, talking about poo. I mean it's such an interesting subject though. I know it's pretty sad when I don't think someone is a "pile of ...." well you know because at least a pile of .... is good for something. :) I am weird. I can see that now. 

I ate one too many leeks out of the garden, I'm burping a wonderful onion flavor but I have a little bit of heartburn too. Yup, definitely weird.  

I better go wash dairy dishes so I'm ready to milk in a couple of hours. Maybe that'll take my mind off of my weirdness. ha ha. Hardly.

Oh the point. The 8yr old has the camera, we'll see what she sees later on. 

Not enough sleep and too much sun. But I'm in a pretty good mood. Go figure.

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