Sunday, June 27, 2010


Chaos is what happens when you're routine gets off track. Sometimes it's a natural disaster, sometimes it's a man made disaster. Sometimes it's your own doing trying to mix things up a bit for the better.

So your bags are packed and you're standing at the train station. But you have no idea where the train is going to take you, you just get on and wait to see. The trouble is the train is already moving. The fact is you're leaving behind where you were and you're headed somewhere else, no turning back now. Where you're going is a mystery, there's someone else driving the train. What you packed in your bags you hope is enough to remind you not to lose who you are no matter where you go. You wonder if there will be anyone to meet you at the next station. But then does anyone know you're even on it?

Ever have a gut feeling things are about to change? Change is good right? Growth comes from change. But then maybe it's just a dream and you'll wake up in the same bed you fell asleep in. Maybe. But do you really want to? Maybe change is something you've been craving. I think everyone craves a little bit of change when they've gotten into a pattern.

I'm just rambling. My virtual therapist's sofa. I think that's what blogging really is. This is where you smile and nod your head and write down the strongest prescription in your ability. :)

Ok back to routine.

Hope ya had a great weekend!

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