Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the quest to conquer the house continues...

As promised from this morning's post here's the Before Bed Routine

  1. Clean up the house before you go to bed (20 minutes max) 
    1. Living room: pick up and put away things, magazines, dishes, clothes, shoes.
    2. Kitchen: Clean it up, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths, and run the dishwasher
    3. Dining room/entrance: Clear the hot spots (I'm still working on that task)
    4. Review your check list to make sure you have not forgotten anything
  2. Think about tomorrow before you go to bed
    1. Check your calendar and/or planner for appointments
    2. Start a PODA (Parade of Daily Adventures [I've yet to learn about that but I'll let ya know when I do]) or "To Do" list for tomorrow
    3. Think about: What can I do tonight that will make tomorrow morning easier? 
    4. Gather up items that you do not want to forget and place them in a spot by the door
    5. Start Breakfast: Set table and plan what you are cooking
    6. If you plan to use the crock pot, then get some of those things ready so all you have to do is throw it together
    7. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow. 
  3. Focus on yourself before going to bed
    1. Get yourself ready for bed
    2. Take vitamins and other meds
    3. Take a bath
    4. Put on jammies
    5. Reflect on today's accomplishments
    6. Work on your journal (I'm spose to make a TaDa list and/or Gratitude journal)
    7. Read for fun
    8. Listen to music
    9. Prayer and/or meditation
    10. Fall asleep with a smile on my face. 
Sounds like a lot for one night. Ofcourse at the top of that list is 'Put the kids to bed' and 'Have a beer'.

I better get on it. Already past 8:30

I almost got my to do list done today. The dog got shaved, the corn planted, the garden watered and the kids fed. One load of laundry needs to be folded still and the other load put in the dryer. 

I have to take a chicken outta the freezer tonight. Tomorrow I'm making chicken pot pies (muffin size), chicken egg rolls and chicken noodle soup (should keep us full for a couple of weeks). 

Shoot looks like rain. I better go get my gardening basket. 

Does the day ever end?

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