Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happily Independent...

I mean have a happy independence day! So yesterday I was reminded once again of the ONE thing on this farm I CAN NOT do alone. That's right only one thing. And that one thing has to be done every year. Which means all my self proclaimed independence flies out the window and I have to round up help. So far my help has been whoever I was dating at the time. he he. Break em in to the farming biz the right way. Maybe that's why they never come back. Hmmm... Anyways. Shearing the alpacas. That is the one task on this farm that I can't get done without help. Or atleast I just haven't figured out how yet. I'm sure one of these days I'll be doing something as far removed as shearing as possible and it'll hit me how to do it alone. Probably after they're already sheared so I'll forget before next year comes along.

I volunteered a friend and a guy I've been seeing to both come help out. Three bodies make quicker work of shearing than just two. I tend to do the brunt of the work considering I'm the only experienced person in the barn but with two extra helpers I don't end up hurting so much. Unfortunately the guy I was seeing stood me up (unfortunate for him I really hate flakyness [if you're going to back out of something, at the very least have the courtesy of calling and manning up to it] looks like I'm back at square one) so I only had one helper. Boy do I hurt this morning. Which does nothing more than remind me how much I hate flakyness. Yes I'm frustrated. :) Does it show?

To top off the frustration the local grocer was out of my favorite beer last night. Which means I better make a run to walmart before I get to working again today. Best thing about working hard is sitting down with a cold beer after I'm done. Well that's just my opinion. :)

We're going to tackle another alpaca today. Since I only had one helper and I'm reminded what a wuss I am cause after one I was too beat to do another, so we're going to try to get another done. The rest will have to wait for next weekend.

I'd post you some pictures but blogger is having fits today and isn't letting me. Maybe later it'll let me.

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  1. Happy 4th of July, your not a wuss I can imagine how hard it is to shear an alpaca, I have seen sheep done and that looks like hard work to me. So enjoy your beer and holiday.