Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ash is home...

Well my dear old doggy is home.
What an ordeal.
As you can see it's not over yet,
at least he's home though.
That carpet is going to need a good shampooin' when it's all over.


  1. Poor Ash! So glad he is home where you can take good care of him. So sorry you had such a bad experience! SageLady from HT

  2. I read of your ordeal on Homesteadingtoday. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

    Two years ago I lost my Max to a heart attack. The vet I always used was on vacation so I had to take him to someone I didn't know. She started out saying he had heart worms, then exrayed him and it showed he had a very enlarged heart. What happened he had a blood clot somewhere and that morning had gotten excited over seeing our cat outside. That caused the clot to break lose and clogged the main artery in his heart.

    Any way she gave him a shot of lasix to try and get rid of the fluid around his heart. She knew we were on a fixed income. She said keeping him in the oxygen chamber would be 40$ an hour. I knew I couldn't afford that and told her. I had been home about 15 minutes when his tongue turned blue and was cold. Called her and she said get him back here. Got there and his veins were collapsed and she couldn't get an IV in. So she put him in the oxygen chamber anyway. The next morning I called and he had passed away. I couldn't pick up his body until the next day because the clinic was clossed.

    I have so many regrets I wish I had not left him alone. I thought someone would be with him all night. But no they closed the clinic and she SAID she came back at 3 AM to check on him. I DON'T believe she did, as she lives about an hour away. Anyway my baby died all alone. I should have just brought him back home but I thought I was doing the right thing.

    I can say she didn't charge me for keeping him under oxygen. The total bill was 150.00 and she let me pay it out at 50.00 a month. But I will never take my two I have now back to her. Because I don't think she was on the up & up about his treatment.

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