Wednesday, July 7, 2010

88 and it's not even noon

Yup summer is here. We've been careful to keep the shades down and turned to minimize the amount of light and heat gets in. Besides feeding/watering the poultry and livestock we've been sitting still. I think we'll be avoiding cooking today, even though we had plans for preserves and pies but all the fruit is in the freezer and can wait till it's cooler. Coleslaw with cool yogurt dressing and cold chicken salad sandwiches are in order for today. Wouldn't it be nice if the melons were ready? The best thing about having a huge garden is being able to stay out of the kitchen and still enjoy yummy food. That frozen yogurt and berries will make an excellent cool down snack too. I might catch up on my sleep too. The last week I've slept awful. Too much work and stress and not enough play makes for lousy sleep. I won't even think about what I should be doing. The upside to being my own boss. I promise not to kick myself for letting the to do list go. Or atleast the part of the to do list that includes anything that'll heat up the house which we don't need any help doing that today. 

Might be a good night to put the tent up so the kids can enjoy camping out. Roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over the bbq. :) I guess I was asking for a vacation, a stay-cation might work just as well.

Hope ya'll are stay cool.

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