Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Perspective is a strange and intriguing creature. Yea, I know it's not a creature but it's a habit, creature of habit? Bear with me, or is it bare with me? So after posting here in my distraught state of mind. My head hurts, all I can see is my dog being put down because I can't come up with the bill in time. I know, you tend to think the worse when you're stressing out, right? I think it's human. Anyways. So perspective is something I learned a little bit about in philosophy. Yea way over my head. So after posting here about my dog eat dog day (not so punny) I posted seeking advice on a forum I read quite often. It's nice to get immediate feedback. I'm a logical person and realistic (when it doesn't come to my dog, ha). 

Although it doesn't relieve my stress about getting my doggy back I can understand the mistrust that the veterinarian would have for a customer taking her dog and walking out the door. No it doesn't put my mind at ease though. The only one who really gives a damn about the dog is sitting here dogless and stressed out. I'm hard working and mean well, as anyone who knows me knows but of course that doesn't help those who don't know me. Trust is a difficult thing sometimes. All I see is someone taking something from me that means so much more than they could possibly understand. To me it's cruel. It's mean. It's selfish. To them it's another day on the job. Who cares about feelings. They want money. Which is such a disgusting subject. I think I'm allergic to it cause it makes me ill everytime it comes up. Seems like hard work means nothing if you don't make sure to get a dollar for your efforts. You can't buy anything with hard work but you can for the dollar. I know hard work is what makes good people but I'm frustrated.

This week hasn't been nice to me. I'm drowning in it. I know next week will be better but it's hard to see right now. That's my perspective. 

I'm just rambling. My head hurts and I can't sleep. I'm trying to figure out what I can pawn off for the payment without making my girls go without. Why should I have to choose? I know, I'm just blowing off steam again. 

Hopefully my next post will be about my lousy dating or something a little more humorous. 

Hope ya all had a nice day,

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