Thursday, July 15, 2010

I should be sleeping...

I'm keeping the old guy company.
Someone actually said I shoulda just had him put down if I couldn't afford the bill.
That's insane.
I might as well crawl under a rock if I just give up at every step backwards.
Ya know?
Who does that?
I certainly felt like giving up yesterday.
All my hard work and efforts amount to notta because I don't have cash in the bank.
I'm wealthier than alot of rich people because of the choices I've made.
To stay home and be a mom to my kids.
To fight the good fight.
Ya know?
Sure I might not be able to buy everything I want.
But I remember even my inlaws when I was married, they were really well off, made lots of money and could buy anything they wanted. Turns out they were sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of debt.
I can say I don't have that kind of debt.
I don't have the luxury to go out and buy anything I want either.
Is it worth it?
To be able to buy whatever you want even though you're debt is almost a years salary?
As my youngest gets over her medical problems I'll start building up that emergency fund again.
This won't always be an issue.
I truly believe in my heart it shouldn't have been an issue.
To be kicked while you're down?
My family is back together again. 
Soon we'll be healthy and running around like we use to.
We'll forget about the injustice that was dealt.
We'll start to believe that human beings are good and want nothing more than to help their fellow man.
Sorry, I got a little mellow dramatic there.
To those of you who have a dog, kiss em on the nose.
To those of you who don't have a dog, your dh or dw might like a kiss on the nose.
If you have none of the above, go find a dog who needs a home.
I need to go make a batch of yogurt for my dog. He's on a lot of antibiotics and I want to keep him healthy.
Yogurt is a good way to get em to take antibiotics (if you didn't know).

Boy am I exhausted.
Mental stress is a lot harder than physical stress.
I'm telling you.
It doesn't help that yesterday while I was waiting to get my dog back I spent hours in the garden weeding and pulling grass along the edges.
I work harder than I should when I'm stressed out.

I think I'm going to lay down on the sofa next to the dog and watch a marathon of Jaws until I can sleep.

Hope ya all had a nice day!


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