Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well milking's done, about 12 cps this morning. Icy is lagging in the milking department but it's not her fault. Milking is not something that one just picks up, ok well maybe one can just pick it up but there is definitely a learning curve. Toss that learning curve, a newbie goat milker and really big teats together in a barn and it's not pretty. Note for would-be goat milkers, make sure you get one with small teats. Ok so anyways. The kids all lined up eating. My new cell phone doesn't take as good of pics as the last one. So most the pics are blurry till I figure out how to make things stand still.  

Ya see what I mean? Blurry. The little white one is La Blanca and the larger one is Buttercup. Buttercup is Georgia's, she's 4 weeks old. La Blanca is one of Icy's and just turned a week old Tuesday.

Elizabeth. She loves helping her momma. She also loves the fact that she has four playmates who drink from bottles too. A gathering of bobba's. But she's taken advantage of the fact I have to feed four goats at once and stole La Blanca's bottle. Sneaky huh? 

Yea you guessed it. I forgot again to take a pic of the milk stand. But hey baby goats are much more entertaining. 

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