Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One plus one sometimes equals 6...

So as you recall I got a couple of dairy goats a couple of months ago. One had a single kid about two weeks ago well this morning my second doe gave it to me. Three of them! Triplets. Wow. It's been a heckuva busy morning.

Not only did I get to wrangle three new kids but I got to capture two escaped alpacas. All before the sun came up. Though the kids came between milking and taking my oldest to school. I went down to the barn to milk this morning with a strong suspicion that Icy (my second and seasoned dairy pro) was going to have her kids today. So after I took care of morning chores and the milk I went back down to the barn real quick before getting my kids up. She'd had one but I couldn't stick around long because I had to come back up to the house and get the kids up and dressed. I took the kids down with me as soon as they were dressed to check on Icy again and she'd had another kid. While we were down there she started presenting a 3rd but by then it was getting late and I had to get the kids breakfast and my oldest off to school.

Just when it'd be nice to have a wife. Oh wait I am the wife, I need a DH, or an SO or a BF but no an SOB. Anywho.

Three kids later. I have to go back down and make sure Icy doesn't surprise me with another. She really was huge. Her udder was to. I'm going to have to milk her again in a bit to get more colostrum for the kids. Three kids are going to drink a lot of milk. I hope Icy is up for the challenge. I haven't taken a look to see if I have stew's or butter's yet though. I'm afraid to look. I'll probably end up with all stews.

Well I better get back at it. I'm exhausted. My mornings just got earlier. I'll have to give myself an extra 30 minutes at least to get both girls milked in the morning. Fun!

Oh by the way the milk is great. No more moo milk for this house. The yogurt I made the other day is great too. I'm going to make more!

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