Sunday, April 11, 2010


Buttercup (temporarily a house kid) reminded me that goats like to climb, jump, bounce around and be higher up than the ground. I knew all these things before but until a goat jumps into your chair with you at 3days old you just really don't take it to heart. So now Buttercups favorite place to be in next to me in my chair or on the sofa with the kids or trying her darnedest to jump onto the foot stool which is taller than the chair. She's hardly content on the floor especially if someone is higher than she is.
Have you ever seen a 2yr old child and a 3day old kid argue over who gets to sit by momma? This morning I did. My chair is a big comfy chair but it really doesn't have enough room for my big butt, Buttercup and Elizabeth. And boy if you don't know stubborn try to explain it that to two kids (er um a kid and a child, yea). Isn't Elizabeth cut in her Sunday dress? Especially with the determined look to get to sit next to her momma. Yea she's ready to take the kid on.
Buttercup seems to be about as determined as Elizabeth though and didn't humor her attempt to join us in the chair.
Yes. I was laughing. But like two little kids they found some common ground. See to the right of the picture on the arm of the chair is the TV remote control. Who do you think will see it first?
Too bad Buttercup doesn't have hands, she would have really made Elizabeth mad by snagging the remote, instead she just knocked it off the chair.
And Elizabeth was happy once again. Who wouldn't be with momma's remote? Buttercup didn't cry too long about it though. She still had my chair and decided to help me on the computer.
Time to finish supper and eat. Yum!

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