Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goats and sunshine!

As you can see we now have goats. Or at least a baby goat. She is the first of hopefully not more than 3. By 3 I mean out of both my pregnant goats. I had nightmares of my two goats turning into ten. But I'm pretty sure she's the only one from her momma. Her momma is Georgia (bought with that name) while we were waiting to see if this little cutie was a boy or a girl we discussed what would happen in either scenario. If it's a girl she'd be the future of our little dairy farm which would make her butter and if it was a boy she'd be the future of our freezer meat and would be stew. Lucky Butter she's a girl. Officially she'll be Georgia's Buttercup but we'll just call her Butter for short. Time to go take another look and see how momma and baby is doing.

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