Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Habit, time and discipline?

Every time I sit down into my chair it crosses my mind I should write another blog. My life is busily passing me by and I'm not being very entertaining. So this morning 5:23AM I took a look at my blog and of course I have to chuckle because the last blog says Thursday again? and yet here it is almost Thursday again. This year is just zooming past. I mean you pretty much say that about every year but it's almost like I can count the weeks instead of the days. For the most part the only real schedule I have going is the milking which now gets done at about 6AM and 8PM; before the kids get up in the morning and after the kids go to bed at night. The only down side to that schedule is I tend to stay up later in the evening which doesn't help my sleep any (not that I'm sleeping very well lately anyways).

So yesterday morning Icy (the goat who just had 3 kids last week) didn't want to get up. For livestock that's hardly ever a good sign and I'll tell you what it pretty well scared the heck out of me. I had visions of packing my 8yr olds pink single shot .22 down to the barn and wondering how I was going to pack all of her 150-200lbs of flesh out of there. She's a big goat. But I don't tend to panic, at least not on the outside. So I milked Georgia and came back up, to do a little investigative research on Icy's condition. It didn't take long to find an answer, by 6:30 I was waking up my aunt and asking her for help. Long story short Icy is back on her feet again. My initial thought was low calcium levels but I'm thinking her foot fell asleep. Ever have that happen? Anyways.

I have a milk stand at last. I keep meaning to take a picture of it. I will do that this morning. My brother made it for me. Nice guy. Hey if you're single, he is too. Anyways.

Oh heck, look the sky is getting light. It's 5:33 right now. Wow it's really getting light. Ugh I gotta go milk.

I will be back to finish this. With a couple of pictures.


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