Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday again already?

It's amazing how fast a week goes by when your main objective is to milk two goats and to feed four goat babies and to take care of two kids and to keep laundry clean and dishes clean and the house picked up and... well you get the point. But I forgot to mention feeding the other animals and collecting eggs... oh wait.. shoot that's what I forgot to do today. I knew I forgot something! Ah well.

And the garden.

This morning started at 4:45AM. I think I mentioned once something about getting up at 4:45 but that was a fluke and it didn't happen again because I didn't have any sane reason to be up that early when I couldn't even do anything for another two hours. Well. Now-a-days 4:45 leaves me enough time to hit the snooze button twice, get up, go pee, put on jeans and boots, pour a cup of coffee, put an entry into my diary (yes I keep a diary, I call it "Farm Fresh Diary" [catchy huh?]), collect my buckets and be out of the house at 5:30AM, then I fight traffic all the way to the barn (traffic happens to be my "springing aussie" [she's Australian shepherd and springer spaniel mix given to my oldest daughter for Christmas, by the guy I was dating at the time, who's really smart but really needs more attention. Which I just don't have!]).

So yea, from then on it's all up hill till now which is the time I should be headed to bed, actually past my bedtime but I decided to have a night cap and let the kids stay up a little later. My oldest has been soooo helpful that I don't know how else to reward her, besides letting her steal a marshmellow from the cupboard and letting her stay up 30 minutes later to watch Sponge Bob. I can't afford anything else.

Oh I took pics... let me find them.

 Don't pay attention to the look on her face it's just my cell phone camera taking the picture about two seconds after I hit the button. So the image is about 2 seconds later than what I was hoping to take. Anyways. My awesome 8yr old helped me take all the kids (goat kids) and her sister out to play in the back yard which is currently being turned into a giant garden. She's got La Blanca in her lap, she's one of Icy's triplets and I think the other one with the nose cut off is Latte (she's latte because latte's have lots of milk in them and dairy goats do too).
This is Daisey. She's the smallest of the triplets. She has the same coloring as Latte and their momma Icy. All alpines if you're wondering. La Blanca in the previous pic is missing the saddle on her back.
There's a shot of Latte. This is their first time out on the grass and I think after the initial weirdness wore off they really liked it. Buttercup (the first kid, now two weeks) is really.. um.. frolicsome. Is that a word?
See I caught her in mid frolic. I know it just looks like some evil half goat blurry blob but that's her twisting and bucking in mid air. Nuts huh? She likes to jump off of my back if I'm sitting on the ground long enough for her to do it. Just takes a flying leap. Ok so that pic is a little weird but if you'd seen it you'd have understood.
Ok so I just got tired of goat pictures. I found this fuzzy thing when I was watering the goats. I'm sure it's going to turn into a moth because of how pretty it is. All the ugly ones turn into butterflies. So far anyways that's what I've gathered from the ones I've seen and googled. Hey it makes sense.
See like that one. It turns into a butterfly. Though at the moment I can't remember what kind. My brain is too tired to think but I know that's no moth there.
And the yogurt. It was so beautiful I had to take a picture. I love yogurt. They're sitting on the egg incubator that I incubated them in. That's one handy piece of equipment.

Ok I think I've covered just about everything interesting.

Good night!

Oh yea. I have a date on Saturday...  same guy as last Saturday. Wish me luck! I can't imagine anyone normal wanting anything to do with a mom who milks goats, runs a farm and makes yogurt in an egg incubator but who knows. There are other weird people out there besides me. Lucky dog me!

Ok now I'm going to bed!

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