Friday, April 9, 2010

The trick to getting up early...

Have a good reason! Yup this morning I jumped outta bed eager to get the day started (actually I jumped out of bed after I hit the snooze button once, only once). Of course it's dark until about 6:05 which means I spent a long time contemplating how I could get my day started earlier. Then the light bulb came on. *grin* My barn isn't hooked up to electricity but the previous owner had wired it up for a generator and last summer I had the plug in for the generator swapped for an extension cord which runs up the side of the pasture. It takes a second extension cord to reach the garage so I plugged 'er in. Of course by the time I had all that done it was light out, but it made it nice and bright in the barn for my first lesson in milking.

I left the kid with it's momma last night so I wasn't expecting too much this morning but I got a whole 6oz. I know not much to be excited about but it was 6 more ounces than I was expecting to get. I would have got more but I only took a little jelly jar with me expecting not to get anything. Smart huh? She filled it up pretty quick. By the time I got back up to the house for another jar and back down again she'd had enough of that activity so I brought the kid up with me so the momma will be ready for later. The children and the new kid made friends this morning. Now she's napping in the kitchen.

So yea, the trick to getting an early start: find something appealing enough to get up for :D Who'd thunk it?

Now to build a milk stand. Yea I know, shoulda done it 3 weeks ago. I sat in the straw this morning to milk. I didn't even have to tie the momma up though she just stood still patiently till I got up. Nice of her huh? But she's way too low to the ground. I don't think I'll get a whole pail and my hand under her. This morning I held a small jelly jar in one hand and milked with the other. Which is why it was so nice of her to stand still for me. Not much room for error. Oh and since she's never been milked before I'd say that says a lot for her. I did good with my dairy goat shopping :D Yea I'm bragging cause it turned out so well. Of course it could just be beginners luck. I'll take it though, whatever it is.

Now to keep myself from going down there to milk too soon. Patience is not my forte.

The sun is out again today so I think I'll spade some more of my garden and see if I can get a couple more squares planted. Sunshine and dirt make me hungry. It's nuts my mind is thinking salad and tomatoes and squash and pickles and I'm drooling just thinking about all of it and it's just dirt and sunshine out there. Nuts! But than I get hungry just thinking about buying weaner pigs to finish and put in the freezer. Bad huh? My mind is geared on good food I guess.

Well I better get at it. I think the laundry is ready for the dryer.

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