Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hurry up and wait already!

That's exactly how I'm feeling. I'm in a rush but it's just a rush for this waiting. I'm waiting. Waiting for the sun to come out and dry up my muddy garden. Waiting for the salad and stuff to grow that's already planted. Waiting for tomorrow to come so I can see if milking once a day is working. Waiting for the goat kids to get old enough to wean. Waiting for the eggs to hatch in the incubator. Waiting for the alpacas to have their crias in hopes that their girls. Waiting for Saturday to come (I have another date with Mr. eHarmony). Waiting for my next "paycheck" to come in so I can finally get that beehive set up. Waiting. In the meantime I find myself lost and my brain going nuts. Mostly wondering where all this waiting is going to get me. Wondering if I'm forgetting anything that requires waiting for.

This morning oddly enough I woke up at 4:30, exactly when my alarm was suppose to go off. But somewhere in my sleepy head I was thinking well the alarm hasn't gone off so I put my cell phone (it's my alarm clock) back down to wait for it to go off. Don't ask me why I was still half asleep. Well I waited, and waited and I think I dozed a little bit but I didn't think that was possible since it had to still be 4:30 since the alarm hadn't gone off. Eventually I got tired of waiting, it felt like an eternity had passed. Guess what. I hadn't turned the vibration off the phone so the alarm had gone off. Again and again and again while I laid their waiting and snoozing and wondering how it was possible for life to stand still for so long. It was 5:15 when I picked my phone back up to see what was taking so long for my alarm to get me out of bed. I'm actually surprised I'm even admitting to that. I feel like such a moron. Of course then I was a half asleep moron but still. I doubt I'll ever let that one go. That's worse then forgetting to put coffee grounds in the coffee pot and waking up to hot water. Worse then forgetting to put water in the coffee pot and waking up to a really funky burnt smell. Worse then putting bread yeast in my coffee instead of sugar (hey it was in the crock right next to the sugar). Worse then... well I think you get the point. Anyways this morning has really started off with a bang. To make matters worse I think I almost had a panic attack (not on the outside just on the inside, shove those emotions deep down where no one can see them right? Super mom doesn't panic!) or really close to it. I hate it when that happens.

One a different note...
This is how I garden. Or at least this year I've decided on a new way to make things grow. My aunt use to collect parts of old houses back when I was a kid. Where she lives they'd let her know if a house was going to be torn down and she'd go take down the doors, windows and whatever else might be useful later on. Well she was collecting a ton of windows with the hopes of making a green house eventually. Eventually turned into almost 30 years later and the windows still sat. Well this summer when the dude I was dating let go of 40-50 free windows I'd found on craigslist ("oh yea I'm going to get them, don't you worry." and three weeks later they weren't gotten and were then gone. A good lesson if you want it done right do it yourself.). Anyways. My aunt let me clean out her shed and collect her windows.
The six pane glass windows work great for the square foot gardening idea. Though they're not a square foot but the idea is the same. After they're laid out we can plant the seeds in the squares and then lay the pane of glass in the frame to help warm the soil and make sure the chickens don't scratch up the seedlings and keep them from becoming mud puddles. As the seedlings grow I can remove the panes one at a time depending on which squares grow fastest and use those panes for different windows. Eventually I can take the window frame itself off and move it to start over. Very handy.

Yesterday we introduced the goats to the alpacas.
As is normal alpaca behavior one alpaca was sent forth to check out the new comers to decide if they are a threat. Since my female herd only consists of two breeders and one cria that left the job of defender up to Twila since she doesn't have a baby by her side yet.
Twila makes quite a regal looking herd protector. Doesn't she? Legacey and her cria Gyn is in the background. The little kid in front is Daisey (she's one of Icy's triplets) and the kid off to the side is Buttercup.
I love watching the goats frolic. My youngest kiddo is frolicking with them. The kids don't really seem to get that they're under inspection and don't really seem to care. But they sure are cute huh?
The whole inspection thing went on for quite awhile. You can see Icy and Georgia (my milkers) in the background checking out the kids, though they don't seem to recognize them as their own. I've been wondering how they'd react when they saw them again. We've been careful to keep the kids in the backyard so as not to stress out their moms. But they don't seem to care so much.
Six kids. My oldest loves playing with the babies as much as my youngest.
My oldest in the backyard with the kids. Me sitting in my favorite chair. I have such a great view though.
My backyard consists of a very fun cliff which I've dug a stairway out of. Again me sitting in my chair because it's a great vantage point to watch the kids play. My oldest and the kids play for hours back there climbing up the cliff and jumping back down onto the porch. To have that kind of energy again would be great.

Ok I better wrap this up and do some chores. Or take a nap. :)

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