Friday, April 9, 2010

tired hands...

She's way too cute. Buttercup is finally learning that bottle means food. Not an easy task to teach a baby goat that rubber teats are as good as the real ones. Same stuff comes out of it and since I ended up milking momma goat three times today it was the same temperature too. This morning Georgia (the new momma goat) was blocked up on the right side so I went down again this afternoon, worried it might turn into mastitis, and tried again. No luck but I got another 6oz out of the left side again which the Buttercup needed anyways. This evening I went down and finally got the right side working (scrubbed her down real good with a warm rag first) and I both sides (about 12oz). Buttercup only got 4oz though because the last thing I want is a sick kid. She'll get another feeding before I go down to the barn in the morning. That'll help me pass some time before it gets light enough to walk down there.

My hands are sore (i wonder why). At least I was smart enough to use both to even out the soreness. At least I think that was smart but since they're both sore I hope I don't have to grip anything real soon. The caps on my beer bottle is a pry off which means no gripping to twist. Yay! I was reading on the homesteadingtoday forum that hand cramps are unavoidable in the first week or so. I guess it's a good thing only one goat kidded and not both. Boy I might be in trouble. Let's just hope Icy (the other goat) doesn't have her kids till my hands are over the newbie stage of milking.

Ok. I gotta put the children to bed, tuck Buttercup into a box so she doesn't get into trouble while we're all sleeping, grab a beer then head to bed with a netflix movie. Oh no I'm going to take my netflix box with me. :D I got one of those boxes that you can watch netflix on your tv. It's the neatest invention since.. um.. I don't know.

Anyways. Off to bed. Cross your fingers Icy won't have her babies till next week.

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