Thursday, April 8, 2010

no goats, no sun...

April is really not... being... nice? Springy? Something. Yesterday of course the sun was out. I was gone all day yesterday. From the time I dropped my oldest off at school till the time I picked her up 2hrs after class was out from her choir practice. The only thing I really have to show for yesterday is my wallet is about $600 lighter because my truck needed brakes and the 4wd switch thingymajig fixed. Oh and new underwear from Victoria Secrets. *giggles* Does anyone else just love their tables of panties? 2 or 3 times a year I go in search of... it's a guilty pleasure. They're all so perky and pretty and some sexy and daring. I can be someone different 5 times over for only $25. Not bad. They say what you wear under your clothes does more for you than the clothes themselves. Try it. Anyways.

So yea I spent half the day at the mall waiting for my aunt to get a perm and spent the other half of the day waiting for my car to get done. I got home in time to start dinner and go pick up my daughter, and discover that the ups guy had left a package on my garbage can. I guess the dog was too intimidating for him to leave it on the porch. So he left it on my garbage can. I'm glad I noticed it or it might have ended up in the back of the garbage truck. :D

So yea, yesterday was sunny. Today it's already been sprinkling all morning. I miss that good weather we were having. April needs to shape up and start acting a little helpful. I gotta get my salad planted.

And no baby goats. I'm starting to think that one might not even be pregnant, she sure hasn't changed in size at all. The other one is increasingly getting bigger. The dairy stuff is spose to be here on the 13th so I guess it's ok if they wait another week.

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