Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm starting to sound like a broken record but seriously I can't believe it's been a whole week. It's amazing how fast this year is flying by. It's almost half over.

Remember last week I was complaining about waiting? Well one of those things I was waiting for has arrived. The very first chick to be born (hatched) on our little farm arrived on the 10th. Of course the other two eggs that were due to hatch the same did didn't. So now I don't know what to do with the little singleton. I have turkeys and geese that should be here by Friday but I'm not sure if they'd make a good match.
I do however have more eggs due to hatch in the next couple of days. My little singleton has been helping me turn the eggs. Or at least making a mess of the incubator. So I guess this little guy will get the comfort of my giant bathtub all to himself (hopefully herself) until I decide otherwise.
I've made progress in the goat aspect of my farm. The four kids were getting a little big for their home on the back porch and their curiosity found them up in my garden. So they got banished to the barn. I took a snap of my dog thinking he's meant to be one of the kids. Yes, from my favorite chair.
My oldest kid with the kids. I can't remember if I posted this one already or not. But it's cute. Again from my favorite chair. 
And my youngest kid with the kids. In the milk stand. :D See I told you I'd take a picture of it. Saturday we took all the kids down to the barn. I ended up working more than I had planned on that day. (I had a date) But the kids enjoyed it (all of them).
More kid shots. They really liked the milk stand. I'm actually starting to consider the possibility of keeping all the goats for expanding my dairy next year. I can only have 7 goats before I have to get a permit to sell their milk so this would be within the limits. If I do that though I'll invest in an electric milker and milk two at a time. I don't think I could find the humor in milking 6 goats by hand. Though I hear some people do it.
I don't know how well this next shot will turn out. I found out that I can take panoramic pics with my cell phone. Well this was yesterday on the back porch waiting on the food in the bbq. I bought myself a new bbq Sunday. Which it only took me about 3hrs to put it together but my back was burnt by the time I had it done. Go figure. (My ex-inlaws came to visit Sunday also but I'll save that for another post)
Doesn't it look like a nice day of relaxing? Elizabeth (the little one lounging in the chair) has the idea. Kick back and relax until dinner is done.
First bbq of the year. A day to remember. Chicken thighs, steaks, corn on the cob and potatoes. A cold porter in my hand. I was a little rusty after spending the whole winter not grilling so the steaks were a little done and the chicken could have used another few minutes. But the marinate I made gave me more room for error. (I made a lot because my dad and older brother were over for dinner. But that's a post best saved for a sofa and heavy tranquilizers.)

Time to take the kid to school!

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