Saturday, May 29, 2010

Almost there...

Well seems as if a full day of sleep and another day of doing nothing might have done me a lot of good. Now if only the sun would come out to encourage me to get outside and re-energize in the garden. A new coat of sun tan wouldn't be such a bad thing after all this rain. Wouldn't it be nice for summer to be here? It's only a few weeks away. Though ofcourse it'd be just my luck for the weather to heat up to 75 and all my lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and other cool plants would bolt. I know... optimism. The sun has been teasing me all morning through a thin grey layer of cloud. I don't see any dark clouds on the horizon so maybe, just maybe I'll get my sunshine. I already put my garden customers off for another week with the promise of a half dozen eggs and some fresh goat cheese.

Mr. eHarmony wrote. He seems to feel bad about shooting me down. Awww isn't that nice. Not. I said I wouldn't talk about that anymore. I think what is the most disappointing is that it is so nice to have someone to go out with on the occasional weekend. Ya know? I really don't have time to go looking for someone new. I really have no desire to either. It would be nice to just get familiar with one person. For once. Not have to relearn facts and figures, likes and dislikes, and everything else. I know I wasn't going to bring it up again. It's so hard to find good company. I mean sure the kids are great, the goats listen to every word I say and the dog is more than happy to put his paw on my knee and let me fill his ear as I scratch behind them. But it's not the same. Boy does that sound sappy or what? Yea, see I told you I was sick. It shows.

I really need to clean out the brooders and the barn and the chicken house and do the laundry and the dishes and mop the floor and I really really need to try not to work too hard. I need to go make sure my two peaches are still growing and my two cherries haven't been eaten and the kiwis still need to find a home in the ground somewhere. Oh and the garden needs weeded and... Yea you get the drift. Maybe I'll turn on that John Wayne I found yesterday. My head is starting spin at the thought of all my chores backed up.

You know how I know I'm still sick? The coffee. It doesn't taste good yet. My tastebuds are out of whack. It's not fair. Can you imagine a morning without coffee? I can't. Though I have now for three mornings. I'm surprised I'm not going through withdrawals. ha ha.

Ok enough rambling. One chore and then a nap. I'll ease my way back into responsibility.

Wish me luck!

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