Friday, May 21, 2010

what's that word?

The one where you let someone else do something instead of doing it all yourself. I just had it in my head a second ago but when you need something that's when you can't find it. Anyways. I found a butcher for my roosters. They have an appointment with the big guy upstairs (er down the street) on the 25th. Finally I'll have my hen house back so I can start collecting eggs the easy way instead of picking them up here and there all over the yard. I once found one by running over it. The hen had laid it behind my front tire. Weird huh?

Update of the week since I never seem to be able to get back here in between. Saturday we went to the local Wool and Lamb festival. They had a parade in the morning and my oldest daughter sang with her class in the afternoon. Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed the parade.
She discovered that parades were made for candy. And she didn't let a single piece of candy get by her. 
Even the giant horses didn't scare her away from going after the candy. She had a one track mind.
Oooooh! Candy!
She's such a doll. I know everything thinks their kid is cute. :) She was more fun to watch then the parade itself.
Friday we got the geese and turkeys in. They're sharing one brooder. The key to letting geese, turkeys and chicks share a brooder is to keep it dry. They really don't seem to mind each other other than the geese really make things soggy. So a thick layer of straw in the morning after cleaning out the brooder and then a second layer in the evening to make sure they have a dry bed to sleep through the night. Then scoop it all up and start over the next morning. It adds to my work load but I tried having three brooders and I was still cleaning brooders every two days so this really isn't that much more trouble.
My cell phone takes blurry pictures and I can never remember to change the batteries in my digital camera so more blurry pictures for you. I couldn't get them all to say cheese at the same time. Go figure.
Hatching chicks. I think I posted this pic last week. I'm finding I'm having a lot of beginners luck this year. The goats turned out to be the most patient, forgiving, beneficial things I could have done. And now this. I've hatched 9 out of 14 eggs so far. From what I hear those are good odds.
These are the last two that hatched. The light colored one is my favorite. It's from a green egg. I have another one that looks just like it from the other green egg that hatched. They're a grey with silver tips and yellow bellies. I can't wait to see what they look like as adults.
And last but not least. I couldn't help it. She's cute.

I wrote my first mass email for my garden customers yesterday. I'm not much of a newsletter writer. Not much of a writer at all but somehow I'm going to have to learn that knack. The garden is loving the rain and warm weather we had last week. Except one of my chinese cabbage's bolted. My peas are really coming along, I have my first salad the other night and it was awesome, I have a dozen tomatoes in the ground and more to plant. I still have way too much to till before I can call it good but until this rain goes away it'll just have to wait. I've discovered peas don't start under glass, zucchini, lettuce and tomato seeds pop up quick under glass and I'm getting better at recognizing weeds. :) The joys of being a newbie. 

Ok. I'll try not to take all week to make another post but I'm not promising anything. :)

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