Sunday, May 30, 2010

I think spring is finally here...

So yesterday I finally had enough energy to get out of the house. The garden exploded while I was ignoring it. Go figure. What's that saying? A watched pot never boils. Anyways so the garden looks like it's coming along nicely. I picked salad for dinner again. Though my taste buds are still out of whack from being sick so I didn't really enjoy it, not even the home made dinner rolls or the chicken. Ah well. When you don't like to taste food you don't eat as much. I guess it's not all bad. Anyways. I'm down to 18 turkeys. They are an interesting creature. They're still in the brooder in the garage with the chicks. They really don't seem all that much bigger. The geese on the other hand are growing. I was surprised since I haven't seen them in a couple of days they really seemed to jump in size. They're still in the brooder in the barn. I only lost 3 of them. I guess they're all little more user friendly. I guess one of these days I'll know exactly what I'm doing but until then...

I saw a snake in the garden yesterday. No I don't mind snakes. It was sunbathing on my brick wall. That has to be a good sign that things are warming up. There was a blossom on one of the tomato plants. I still have more to put in the ground. You should see the volunteer tomatoes, they're bigger then the ones I started inside. They're poking up all over in my lettuce patch. It'll be kinda nice. Last year they were some funny looking tomatoes in the garden but they make great sauce either no matter how untomato they look.

A girlfriend from gradeschool found me on facebook yesterday. I'm excited, it's been years since I've talked to her last. It looks like we have a lunch date. How fun. Funny how life goes. Who'd thought 20yrs ago that'd I'd be here. But then if you'd told me when I was 10 that I'd be farming I would have thought that was pretty cool. I was the typical girl. But if you'd told me back then that I'd have a farm and not a single horse I would have laughed. Go figure. Anyways.

Life sure is funny sometimes.

Being Sunday I don't feel the need to get a lot done though I know everything that I haven't done the last three days is waiting for me tomorrow. That wears me out just thinking about it. Atleast we're not due to have rain till Wednesday or Thursday. By then the garden will need some watering so it'll be welcome.

I think I'm going to make the most of the last little bit of my vacation and take a nap. I have another John Wayne (romance) and another Barbara Streisand movie to watch... I'm only half looking forward to 4AM Monday morning. I guess half is better then nothing.

Can't move forward without moving forward I guess.

Did you know eHarmony is having a free communication weekend? I'm lonely. So sue me. I should just save my change and get one of those mail order kind. Import 'em. Just kidding!

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