Sunday, May 23, 2010

Compromise, early mornings and another week gone by

So mornings start at 4AM now days so I have enough time to get everything done before I wake the kids up to get ready for school. Unfortunately I am one of those people who need more sleep than what I get waking up at 4AM so on the weekend I turn off my alarm and let myself wake up naturally. My oldest likes to help me milk the goats so it works out pretty good that way. We end up down in the barn about 7AM instead of about 4:45 which is when I get down there during the week now. So the goats have a little bit longer of a wait but I think the extra attention they get from my kids is reward enough for them. With the garden season about to start up I'm going back to milking twice a day. This week I'll be trying my hand at making Queso Blanco and I'm really looking forward to it. I need to make another batch of yogurt but my incubator is now incapable of handling foodstuff. All the hatching chicks have really made a mess of it and until the last batch hatch I'm stuck with it being a mess. Yuck.

The learning curve of raising turkeys and geese is in full swing. Lesson learned: going cheap really isn't cheaper. All the poultry is out of the "brooder" (my bathtub) and in two separate brooders. The new brooders consist of straw bales in a square with a section of cattle panel laid on top to keep out most problem animals out (the goats, dogs and chickens). The goose brooder is in the barn and the turkeys and chicks are sharing a brooder in the garage. More food and water to pack around but I have my bathroom back and my bathtub is shiny and spotless once again (my floor still has straw on it).

I told myself to take a picture (one thing I find most intriguing about reading others' blogs is the photos)  but I never did get around to it. I picked a salad for dinner. It was picture perfect; five different types of lettuce as well as spinach. It was great. I hold myself back from eating a lot of salad, I could eat it everyday for lunch and dinner and not complain, but I'm afraid between the cold and wet weather my garden is lacking a little just yet. Cross your fingers for a break in this rain so I can plant another batch of salad. A little bit of sunshine on that list would be nice, but no heat above 60. Picky? No. But 60 and sunshine really work well with all the farm chores and salad growing.

I had another date Saturday with Mr. eHarmony. I'd tell you how it went but honestly I haven't a clue. Nough bout that.

Well here's to clear skies tomorrow so I can plant corn, salad and a few other garden yummies.

Time to get the kids ready for bed.

Have a great week!

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