Monday, May 31, 2010

more rain...

I have a strong craving to do some hard work but it's so wet and I was so miserable the last few days I'm almost scared to go out in it. ha ha. Call me a girl if  you must but I hate being sick. I hate sitting still too. I guess being Monday I could do my Monday chores. You know, clean the kitchen till it sparkles, put the laundry in and do the dishes. I really should scrub the kitchen floor too. It's long past due.

Today I was daydreaming about my soon to be fishing pond. Right now it only catches the rain and slows it down so when it rains a lot, which is has been this spring, it looks like a lovely pond but when it stops raining it disappears quickly. So this summer before it dries up hard I'm going to dig it out and dump a bunch of bentonite (sp?) clay in it (ie kitty litter) and find me some beautiful water lilies and cat tails and stock it with trout. This time next year I'll have my fishing pole in the barn so when I'm done milking and doing morning chores I can fish until I have to get the kids up. Sounds like fun huh? That's what I've been dreaming about this morning. Watching the rain come down. My kids are at my aunts house since there is no school today. So it's just me and the farm. Kinda lonely but it's a nice break too.

This is my 5th morning without coffee. I didn't even bother to see if it tasted right this morning because my head is still sorta clogged up and for some reason that throws off my taste buds. Something to do with my ears. When I was a kid I had a tumor taken out from behind my left ear and during the surgery they messed up some nerves that allow the left side of my tongue to taste. Strange huh? So anyways for over a year after I had that done I couldn't taste anything on the left side of my tongue but I could still feel everything like normal, hot, cold, etc. It slowly got back to normal but now days when my head gets clogged up my taste buds get wacky. Something you didn't know about me huh? I'm  full of all sorts of oddities like that. Thanks to that oddity I don't bother having my favorite beer either because it's a waste of a good beer. So yes, I'm missing coffee and porter like ya wouldn't believe. Anyways.

I have a date with a girl from grade school. We were best friends in elementary school and grade school but my mom moved us when I was in 7th grade and that was mostly the end of that. So I'm excited. By then my head will be back to normal and I'll be able to enjoy a starbucks coffee. Yay!

I better get something done.

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