Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our newest employees or should we call them family?

The kids and I went on a mini adventure yesterday. We drove about 180 miles to see a small goat dairy which was part of a much larger operation that included all kinds of cute animals. Me I forgot my camera. Of course. The girls loved it! I did too, it gave me a little appreciation for what I'm trying to do here. Though my farm is different in many ways not to mention just a tiny portion of what they're farming it still adds a couple of details to that dream in my head. You know some of those things you cant really see until you see it and then you can add it to your own vision. Like milking stands. Ha! No one really thinks of milking stands right until you see them in action. And that we did.

Not exactly alpaca cute but the kids are already in love with her and her roomie. Yep had to get two. Even if they didnt need a buddy to keep them company I think we would have got two anyways. Both of these girls are due in April. Kid pics.

Can you say fuzzy? I got a batch of easter egg chicks to appeal to the customers and their kids. The kids and I have really enjoyed finding the green eggs so I think they'll be a real treat for just about anyone. All I need now is some ham and I call my self sam and ride a train. ;)

For those of you who can appreciate the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning. This is my favorite one. I think I'm going to spare him the hatchet.

Oh and the kicker. I had the luxury of a spider crawling down the back of my jeans while I was hauling a feed bin around. Joy! I'd take a pic but I don't think it'd be appropriate or I'd have to charge you by the peek. ;)

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