Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This n' that...

Elizabeth is in love with dresses. As I've mentioned before she's half girlie. I actually think she gets it from her momma. As much as I hate to admit it some days I'm part girlie too.

Girlie I guess isn't such a bad thing. Sometimes it comes in handy but other times it tends to get in the way. Like when I take the lawn tractor in for repairs or take a flat tire to be fixed men talk to me like I'm a girl! The nerve of them. (I'm half joking)

Remember those chicks I got way back when. The ones I was 'suppose to keep you updated on but due to my lack of habit of blogging I neglected to do so... Well here they are. Big and beautiful. Though the black ones are a little intimidating, the 5 of them will perch up on the porch rail like big black buzzards waiting for something to die. Or at least in our imaginations that's what we believe they are doing. They're mimics. (again half joking)
I love the big yellow roosters. I think they look the most "farmish" of all the roosters. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because they're the most filled out. Or maybe I just think they're the least intimidating. Or maybe it's because they would look the best on my dinning room table. (If I ever find someplace else for my seedlings)

And my lovely hens. Thanks to a wonderful hatchery I got to discover the coolness of green eggs. I doubt I would have ordered "easter egg" layers otherwise. But they really are neat.

One of the best choices I've made so far was letting my oldest have this puppy for Christmas '08. She's one smart puppy. Her name is MP (Michelle's Puppy) While I applaud her smartness you can see by the picture that she's still worthy of a mess. :) And looking awful guilty!

This is how most of the evenings are looking now days when I come back in from working. The picture doesn't do the sunset justice but it's certainly a way to kiss another day goodbye. Have I mentioned how much I love the view from my little hillside? I love it!

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