Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workin' hard...

My youngest is such a little helper. She's just like her sister was at this age but a little more in tune to her momma. It's so much fun watching her want and try to help in everything I do.

Tuesday saw us planting broccoli and celery. And Ms. Elizabeth looking mighty proud of her pretty dress. She's only half girlie, the other half is pure capable. (just like her momma) Isn't she a doll?

Today I spent most of the day building a yard for our hen house. We're expecting more chicks next week and now that our hens are laying consistently we don't want them leaving their edible gold (eggs) in our neighbors yards (yup they've done that a couple of times).

While I sat down to take a break Elizabeth took it upon herself to help finish the project. (No it's not plugged in)

See how well she pays attention? Always put on gloves before working with tools.

Ya watchin' mommy? I do listen!

Since I wouldn't let her out of the house to go work in the garage she decided her toy vacuum cleaner needed fixin'. (Yup she's got some housewife in her too, just like her momma.)

She's wearing my favorite hat. Which seems fitting when she's doing her momma's job. Look at that concentration.

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  1. so cute. No only is she being adorable, she is learning the a woman can do anything.
    well done!