Monday, February 1, 2010

6:58am... (civil twilight not when I started this post)

This pic is of my oldest a couple of years ago. She’s such a doll and it’s a great pic of spring which is just around the corner. Though not the subject of today’s blog post but it’s one of my favorite pics.

It’s February already, can you believe it? In just one short week I’ll start the first of the broccoli and celery indoors. I’m so glad I wrote out my garden calendar back in October otherwise I’d be in a frantic mess trying to remember what and when and how many. I’m still working on the garden map itself and I’m struggling with a couple of numbers, especially tomatoes and peppers but I have what I need to know in front of me so I don’t find myself in the middle of May with nothing but seeds.

Back at the end of Christmas break I moved Elizabeth into her sister’s room with her. The idea that getting my office back together and the ability to sneak out of my bedroom at the wee hours of the morning without waking her up would be much needed. What I didn’t know is that by doing so would see her sleeping till 9am if I leave her to it, which on Saturday and Sunday mornings is really nice it gives me a couple of hours to relax with a cup of joe and get my to do list together before I have to make her breakfast. Of course during the week I unfortunately have to get her up in time to put her in her car seat and drive her sister to school. It’ll come in handy this summer too when school is out and I don’t have to wake either up early.

So today I’m officially putting my office back together again. Part of that is cleaning up my desk top computer so I can keep backups on it and I’ll actually get some real work done. What I use for blogging, chatting and garden homework is a little HP Mini (notebook) I got while I was taking a few classes last year. It’s turned into a toy as much as a tool though and it’s too easy to sit in my big chair and get lost in watching Dora, Diego and Sesame Street or whatever chick flick or reality tv show happens to be on in the evening instead of doing the work I should be. Not that I haven’t had the ample time to do all the above but soon enough I’ll find those distractions more than a filling in of boredom gaps but a tool for procrastinating and falling behind. See I do think ahead.

I’d forgotten what a mess I left my desk top computer in when I got this one and a wireless connection though. Not to mention the desk itself. I’ve talked about my ability to let things pile up around the house. My desk is another one of those places where things get put when it’s closer then the spot it’s suppose to be put. Know the feeling? Maybe it’s just me. (I’ve also forgotten how easy it is to get lost day dreaming while looking out my office window! TV tends to be more boring; maybe I should put my office in the living room.) Luckily I’ve been around the pc block once or twice so I’m not completely naïve to removing programs I don’t need and defragmenting and whatnot. No I couldn’t tell you how to do all that and I’d never attempt it on a pc that wasn’t mine but for my own personal use it works in a crunch. Eventually I might just have to take it to the pc doctor again and get it back to new condition.

One mediocre fish sandwich later I’m back at it. One thing I have learned is I cannot sit down and punch out anything more than about 200 words at once. Unless that is I’m inspired by some steamy day dream and decide to put it towards my harlequin goal (ladies know all about harlequin but I don’t expect many men to know what that means) then I can easily punch out 1200 to 2200 words in an hour. That doesn’t happen very often though. So this particular blog post will take me the majority of the day since I happen to be writing it while doing EVERYTHING else. That and I’m not in my big chair, I’m in my office (still on the notebook though).

So yea, February again. Already. I was just thinking back to last February and where I was at in life. Single. I had just got dumped the month before after seeing a guy from about Oct till mid January. What a joke that turned out to be, joke on me. I don’t think I told you about that one. I also don’t think I will. Not today anyways. When I need some funny material I’ll reminisce a little until then I’ll forget it. Valentine’s Day saw me picking the short straw to take mom out to dinner. Though I don’t actually remember grabbing for a straw or anyone else for that matter but the obligation landed in my lap. Which wasn’t all bad. I had a great dinner which cost too much then got a speeding ticket on the way home which cost even more. But dinner was really, really great, shark, volcano of onion rings and um… I can’t remember what I had for the main dish. I wonder what this VDay will have in store. Single again after seeing someone from Aug till Nov, which again turned out to be a joke. Ha! Jokes on me! I have some bad luck with winter dating. Maybe I should remember that and forgo whatever relationship happens my way at the end of this summer. Hmm… Well I’ve already given up on dating so I guess I won’t have a problem with that. Unless… that one guy… hmm… ‘nough thinking ‘bout that.

So yea, February again. Already. Wow.

P.S. My computer is running great once again. Yay!

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