Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No I haven't forgotten...

Call it self discipline or lack there of. Maybe writer's block. Maybe busy, busy. Maybe. Or a combination of the above.

Update. I was getting up about 45 minutes before the sun got up so I could have a cup of coffee and wake up before going out to do my chores before the kids got up in the morning. I was in a comfortable groove even getting up at 5:30 so I could be out the door about 6:15 and done by 7. I got a coffee pot that has my coffee waiting for me when I get up which is soooo nice!

Now with day light savings. I hate it! It doesn't get light till 7:15 which is past the time I have to get the kids up. I'm not set up to work in the dark so I'm doing chores after I take my oldest to school. Yesterday the baby took a very early morning nap, she wasn't ready to get up an hour early either. So I took advantage and shoved all my chores into about 20 minutes. This morning the baby was a huge help. She knows exactly what to do with a water bucket; drag it to the end of the hose and hold the hose in it till it's filled up. She's such a great little helper.

Well I better get back at it. I can't wait till the sun starts getting up early again. I really don't like losing my morning light.

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