Thursday, February 4, 2010

6:55am but I was up at 6:36..

I wish I had the ability to print out the picture in my head. I’m sitting in my big chair looking over my garden calendar and making to do lists, shopping lists and day dreaming (I do that a bit). My almost 2yr old (on the 25th of this month she’ll be 2! Yay!) walks up to me with her hand fisted and held out like she wants to give me something. In her mouth is something else which she’s not really liking the taste of but seems to be giving it the benefit of the doubt before spitting it out. I hold out my hand I’m assuming she’s bringing me some of her mid morning snack (cereal), in my hand she empties a fist full of black seeds. Oh no! I damn near tripped over her going to my office to see how many packets of seeds she’d gotten into. I left them on a side table next to my desk last night after doing inventory of what I still needed to get. In my mind I’m seeing thousands of seeds scattered all over the carpet and me with a magnifying glass and tweezers picking the smallest ones up in a whirl of panic wondering what seeds are what and wondering how many she ate.

Lucky me she only got one packet. My luffa seeds. All but 20 of them were gone. I hope she doesn’t sprout. I have no idea how many seeds were in the packet cause it’s one of my experimental plants this year so I just got the smallest packet available and was planning on planting whatever they sent me. Usually those small packets only have 25-50 seeds when it’s a specialty item like that. I stuck what was left in a starter tray to see if chewing on them has done any harm. Heck maybe they’ll germinate faster being slobbered on and cracked.

Yesterday I spent the better part of daylight hanging gates, removing and pounding t-posts (metal fence posts), herding alpacas, digging boulders out of the ground and getting muddy. Even fell down once, oops, boy does my arse hurt. The day before that was spent running to town, an all day event. Today I have to finish the grocery shopping I didn’t get done Tuesday, this morning I shampooed all the dirt out of my carpet from yesterday and scrubbed my kitchen floor of all its dirt too (sos pad is my bestfriend) and Friday will see me digging ditches to drain the pasture where my corn will be planted (more mud more fun!).

If I don’t find myself sitting down here to post another blog before Monday remind me to tell you about my date. (No I’m not back on a dating site. Fate stepped in.)

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  1. gotta love kids, Im betting the seeds will be fine. In fact they will probable be the best growers.
    Good luck on your date, and I hope your bottom feels better LOL.