Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dating.. yea I'm still at it...

I am not impressed with online dating sites. I’m starting to wonder if the only people left on them are just societies’ rejects. (If you’re on my list and reading this don’t take offense) Which of course puts me on that same list? Then I guess I belong; divorced single mom of two kids by two different dads. Boy, am I a winner or what, right? I guess all of us societal rejects have good points as well as the bad ones. I have a few good points myself but yea.

I joined eHarmony a while back and was nothing but disappointed in the men they sent my way. I almost got the impression that they were even more desperate than your average online dater. You might argue that if you’re willing to pitch out $200 for a dating site that means you’re sincerely looking; for some that couldn’t be more accurate. On the other hand if you’re willing to pitch out $200 for dating maybe it just means you’re that bad at finding a date otherwise. Or maybe it’s being so tired of the kind of guys you find on a regular pay site so you pay more hoping that you get what you pay for. That is a well known cliché; you get what you pay for. In that case I can’t afford the kind of guy I want.

I joined a while back and got the same results with it; the same kind of guy, the nice one that you have a great time with then one day he just vanishes without a word. The kind that really leaves you confused because you never saw it coming. The kind that makes you want to not have fun with the next guy cause you don’t want to like him because you don’t want to be left confused and hurt again when they disappear as well.

That’s where I’m sitting at now. I figured the best way to get past the old hurt was to move on, right? Isn’t that what they tell you to do? Well so I did. Found a new date (it’s not a hard task to find a date). Yea sure date one went great and date two was nice too, but I’m left wanting to slow it down or stop it. You ask about well why not speed it up? Well that would just get to the disappearing part sooner. Dating really is over rated.

I had someone accuse me of being a serial dater. I guess that means you date a lot? I never could find the real definition to that title. If that is the definition then yes I guess I could be titled that way but it’s nothing I can do about it. It’s, keep looking for Mr. Right or give up all hope and start collecting cats. (I'm not a cat person) ,,,^o.o^,,,~~~~

Ah well. I doubt I’ll ever truly understand this sport called dating. It certainly seems to only allow one person to win; always one loser.

Ok I’m thinking this is the last of my dating blogs for awhile. Just talking about it weirds me out.

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