Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 8th '09

My little family. On our little tractor. Fit for our little farm.

Today we cleaned out the barn. I've been lazy about the hens and they've made a mess; scooped almost a yard of chicken manure out of the barn. Next time we get out we'll build a chicken coop; I'd like to grow some more birds for the freezer and add a few more for eggs. The first year here we proudly put 15 rhode island reds in the freezer but things have been crazy since then. Now that things are getting back in order and we're finding our feet I think we'll make a habit of it. Besides home fresh eggs are the best. Dont'cha think?

We spent some time in the garden too. Though I'm proud of the tomato plants that are exploding with tomatos my oldest thought this was the best pic to describe our garden adventure. She thinks caterpillars are cool. (I wonder if they'd make good fishing bait?) Tonight we had a nice salad out of our garden; lettuce, tomatos and carrots. Even put up a jar of pickle slices (I just soak em in vinegar, sugar and fennel, then snack at will). I have a friend in Missouri sending me some cucumber seeds special for pickles (I can't wait). Next year I'll be adding a few things to the garden I'm missing this year and try my hand at an herb garden.

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