Friday, July 24, 2009

So I’ve come up with a sure fire way to keep me at home raising the children even though I need a little extra to tie those loose ends. Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. Farming for your community is the way I would describe it. While I sit here wishing it was Jan instead of July so I could get started right now, it’s good to have time to plan, organize and figure out what needs to be done and when. Research is something I’ve always loved, so I’ll utilize a passion to form a lot of conclusions that will happen between now and next year about this time.

I’m excited. My goal to stay home and raise my children has been made possible without a lot of startup that so many home businesses require. I can easily garden more space without adding a lot to my monthly bill. Seeds come in abundance for such a small price. Starting plants indoors will take a little practice but not something I have to wait for the proper season to practice. While I don’t have the greenest thumb, I have (thanks to the large quantity of alpaca manure) been able to grow successful gardens for the past 4 years.

I'm confident. In my ability, ambition and heart.

Check back often. I'll let ya know how the plans are progressing.

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