Monday, June 29, 2009

Disappearing act...

The last couple of days I wanted to write about love and dating. Unfortunately the guy that inspired it disappeared. Have you ever had that happen to you? You go on a handful of great dates and things are looking up and poof they’re gone just like that; ignoring txt messages, ignoring phone calls. No argument lead up to it; nothing out of the ordinary. Of course you’re thinking he found someone else, which I guess could be true but that still doesn’t explain the shallowness of the disappearing act.

I read an article that gave excuses for guys disappearing for no good reason, personally I find it odd that people would really accept this form of disrespect; or hand it out. In today’s world is seems like people are not held accountable for anything they do; therefore there are no consequences to their actions. If you decide one day you don’t want to be with someone then you just start ignoring their calls. I find it mind boggling. Especially with the types of guys I’ve been finding that do this sort of thing.

I’m not the type to hang out with weak men. I don’t pick men that are pushovers or soft. I don’t pick guys who are extremely rude either though, just decent individuals. You know the type? Or at least they seem like decent individuals at the time. With the disappearing act I’m left to assume I’ve misjudged yet another guy. So where am I going wrong? How do you spot a disappearing act before you start liking him? That’s what I don’t understand.

So yea, dating and love is something I guess I’m not all that good at, otherwise you’d think that I’d have more success at it. Right?
*Picture is not of the offending disappearer; it's actually a pic of me with one of my favorite dates (almost two years ago).

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