Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starting Over

I use to blog on myspace. The past two years or so I had a running diary there. Somewhere in the midst of the social failures and dating dramas I deleted that profile. As a writer at heart it's a hard habit to let go or maybe it's a hard passion to ignore? So here I am.

Getting back into the habit is another task altogether. I'm a full time student on top of all the other chores, last semester I found myself drowning in 21 credits which meant 4 or 5 essays every week. So my brain seems to be fighting the writing thing. (notice my grammar sucks)

As I get back into the rhythm I'll introduce you to my farm, my kids and my life in general.

My oldest and my nephew.
She's very dramatic.

She loves being a big sister though!

Some of our critters.

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