Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weed whacking!

Yesterday after making our Monday deliveries the kids were watching cartoons so I decided to do a little tidying up of the garden area and around the house. When I know the kids are safely playing inside or elsewhere I get out the weedeater to make a long tedious job not so long and tedious. 
My 2yr old heard me going at it and came to help.
Since I was sitting down taking a break she decided she was going to take over.
And boy does she pay attention. This is one SMART little girl. 
She put on the safety glasses.
She put on the hat.
Don't wanna burn our head while we're out working in the sun.
She put on the gloves.
No lady likes blisters. :)
All set!
Ready to whack the hell outta them weeds!

How cute is she? I mean, come on. I'm in heaven here!
It's not the mommy that makes the kids it's the kids that make the mommy.
After we shared frozen fruit pops.

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  1. Hey there! I just discovered your blog today and I love it. I live in Portland and it's always nice to read a blog from a fellow Oregonian! Great post and take care!