Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a lovely day off!

Today being my official "day off" I spent a lot of time doing nothing. 
It felt GREAT!
The weather broke 80!
Normally I would be wishing for cooler temperatures but after all this rain and cold weather and being Sunday so I didn't do anymore than I HAD to do I loved every minute of it. I BBQ'd lunch and enjoyed a couple of beers in the shade of a tree on the back porch. Then I took a long nap. The kids were at my aunt's until late this afternoon so it was quite the peaceful morning and afternoon. 
After the kids came home we moved to the front yard and sat under another tree. Enjoying the warm air and cool grass and the sounds of our little farm around us. Loving the idea that it was ok just to sit still and do nothing.
 Our little gosling's found our company interesting. The dog (who's head you see) enjoyed the company too.
We even enjoyed a frozen fruit pop. It was lemonade and tasted as good and refreshing as lemonade.
Of course this was all AFTER I fed and watered the goats, replaced an escaped kid, watered and fed three pastures of alpacas, the gosling's, turkeys, chicks, hens, dogs, checked on all my melons, squashes and pumpkins, weeded the garden and made a mental note of what was going to be put into the baskets tomorrow, wrote out a couple of recipes, put together four more recipe booklets for new customers and walked the farthest pastures fence line to see how well the job was holding up.

All in all it was a very relaxing and wonderful day!

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