Monday, June 21, 2010


Can you believe it? Summer! Today! When did that happen? Where the heck have I been? I'm speechless. And after I put a load of laundry in I'll be back to write a real post. :) Seriously I can't believe it's summer. Half the year is gone. The longest day of the year, is today. It feels like summer today, 70's and all week it's spose to be nice up to the 80's. Real Summer weather. What a nice way to enter summer. Too bad we didn't have more spring during spring and less winter during spring. Spring hardly even existed. Summer however is starting out without a doubt summery. Ok laundry. I'll be back.
My third most favorite picture of me. :)

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  1. It seems way too early! And yet my corn is already knee high two weeks early, so I guess I'm on track.