Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yep, I'm thinking yesterday was just a case of the Monday's. I hate it when that happens. Today I was back in action though not without the leftovers of yesterday. I got up this morning anticipating hot coffee only to discover I'd forgot to close the lid on my coffee maker and push the auto button. At least I didn't turn it on and then leave it open, I bet that wouldn't have been pretty. I have my occasional air-head moments, like scooping bread yeast into my coffee instead of sugar one morning way back when. I keep my bread making whatnots in crocks on my counter so it's real easy to scoop em in as I go, dried milk, sugar, yeast and salt. That's what I get for not looking inside before I start scooping. That's not the worst air-brain thing I've done though. I'm not telling you about the other stuff.

Oh guess what! It snowed today!! I love snow! But it didn't stick but it tried so hard to all morning. I woke up to rain rolling my eyes at another soggy day I'd have to stay inside and do house chores while my oldest is at school but I got a lovely surprise! Sure it was still too soggy to take the baby out to do chores but gosh I'd rather look at falling snow than rain. It just about made my day. Maybe that's what got me out of yesterdays mood. Hmm... Nah.

With my oldest back in school again (I'm going to miss spring break, can't wait for summer break!) I'm back to doing chores before they get outta bed in the morning. I really do like this peace n quiet. I was enjoying doing chores with the kids in the mornings and letting my oldest take a little more responsibility with feeding and whatnot. Right now her only real chore is collecting eggs and that's only if the hens don't lay them somewhere so her sister can find them. I've never seen a 2yr old so excited about anything compared to finding a green egg laying on the porch or in the driveway (time to get those roosters in the freezer so my hens stop laying their edible gold all over the farm). The best part about my 2yr old finding eggs is she knows exactly what to do with them. It's fun though I have to keep up and open the doors for her. Luckily she's not big enough to open the screen door on her own. It will be a bad time when that finally happens. I'll have to keep the deadbolt locked just to keep her from disappearing every time I leave the room. (her sister did that once when she was about 3, went for a walk all on her own; scared the heck outta me. I'll tell you bout that some other time)

Oh yea, so no help with morning chores anymore. It's alright though, gives me time to get a good look at the animals every morning instead of being distracted by kids. Best way to keep animals healthy is to be able to just look at em every day. Easier to see signs of stress and illness. The evening chores I still get help with. Life is sure fun when you have a couple of kids to do farm chores with! Makes me want another one. :-\ Maybe.. probably.. one of these days.. ah if only Mr. Couldmakemehappy would come knocking on my door. *sigh*

Anywho. I joined the hobbyfarm website today. Turns out they have a forum and you can earn points by contributing to the website and then cash them in for real stuff. No kidding. So if you like all things farm take a look. I couldn't find an affiliate button so I guess I'll just live with knowing I passed on the word. :)

If you're on facebook look me up (Katie Phillips in Scio, Oregon), I'd love to have some more neighbors on farmville and country life. :D I made a fan page for my garden share project but haven't done much with it just yet. I need someone better at this social networking stuff. Maybe I need a wife instead of a handyman... nah...

Ok, 'nough rambling from me. Can you tell I'm in a great mood? (It has nothing to do with eHarmony, that site is disappointing)

Good night!

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  1. Hello katie, I have just tried to find you and there are 500 of you. And non where you live.
    Try and find me Angela Papas. I play both farmville and country life.
    and I read your blog. so it could be fun.