Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday of Spring Break... :(

This week has been productive! Got about 2,000 sq ft of garden tilled, only about 38,000 sq ft to go! I feel accomplished. I've got about 8 weeks of tilling and planting a head of me. The sun is teasing me, it stays out just long enough for me to get the kids geared up to go do chores then it disappears and it starts raining again. Not fair!

My oldest is going to a sleep over tonight which means just me a the baby. I think we'll watch movies and drink strawberry milk till we fall asleep on the floor in our sleeping bags. Maybe I'll put the tent up in the living room and we'll sleep in it. Fun, fun!

Sunrise is being nice to me, it's getting up earlier again (no thanks to daylight savings) and we're back on track. I'm still getting lots of quiet time in the morning to drink my coffee before it comes up though. I can't really complain about that though. How often does a mom get to be kidless when the kids are actually at home? First thing in the morning seems to be the most peaceful. Great way to start a day too.

Orders are coming in for my CSA (garden share) project. The goat's are getting closer to kidding. My hens are laying green and brown eggs in abundance, my new green/blue layers are growing (can't wait till June when they start laying). The alpacas are starting to look too warm in their wool coats (they'll be sheared in May if not sooner).

Spring has sprung. I can't believe how fast this year is going by. Seems like each week just zooms by without so much as a pause or slow down.

(Oh and yea I'm still on eHarmony. Not a single date yet though I've weeded out a lot of obvious pitfalls. Still at it though. This time around I'm not wasting any time on a pocket full of good intentions, ya got it or ya don't.)

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